Gifty Goodness... Beautiful, Bouncy, BABIES!

Awwww, who can resist shopping for the ittiest, bittiest members of the family? It’s one of my guilty pleasures! Whether they’re at the wriggling, waddling, shuffling, or toddling stage, there’s an eco-friendly or handmade delight that is just perfect for their delicate little hands and ticklish little feet!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

  1. Babi Boo T-shirt by Oishi-m
  2. Wooden Duck Pull Toy by Oxfam
  3. Uncle Goose Upper and Lower Case ABC Blocks from Cornflowerblue
  4. LittleOddForest Handmade Baby Booties from MooWoo Handmade
  5. Franck Fischer Handmade Organic Rattles from Hello, Charlie
  6. Crocheted Baby Rattle by Hello Kia
  7. Blue Eyed Owl Onesie from Brusselsprouts
  8. Rosey Cheeked Friends by Knitter Knatter

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