Gifty Goodness... Delightful DOLLIES!

It’s time for another edition of “gifty goodness” and today I’ve decided to share a few delightful dollies that are fresh of the sewing machine and sitting patiently on the shelves of some fabulous Australian handmade stores. Wrap one of these little sweeties up and pop her/him beneath the tree… ready for squeals on Christmas day!

Handmade Dolls - Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Ruby Red Fairy by Blush & Willow
  2. Audrey Babushka & Baby Doll by Ollie Rose
  3. Monique Handmade Doll by 13 Mimosa
  4. Anchor Jack Pirate Cloth Doll by Lyla Paige Design
  5. Emma Whimsy Doll by My Little Daisy
  6. Bumblebird Handmade Doll from Little Curl
  7. Amy Handmade Rag Doll by Lily & Andie
  8. Thoughtful Thomasina Doll by Quill & Ink


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