Gifty Goodness... Tantalizing TOYS!

One of my favourite things about a handmade toy is the unique and whimsical personality that comes with each and every one! Today’s Gifty Goodness brings you a selection of locally knitted, crocheted and stitched handmade softies that are bursting with character and aching for cuddles! Could you give one of them a loving home?

Handmade Dolls, Toys, Softies, Plush, Anim

  1. Lucy + Bella Monster Softies by Babua
  2. Glitter Bunny by Luv Lil B
  3. Handmade Knitted Lion and Monkey by The Unnormalz
  4. Orange Elephant Softie by Plushka
  5. Dapper Dan Doll by Diddums Designs
  6. Handmade Rabbit Softie by Koo-ki-nuts
  7. Binky Handmade Softie by The Wonky Tree
  8. Crocheted Cats by Sew What!


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