Huge Christmas Giveaway, Win Santa's Sleigh!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m about as happy as the proverbial kid in a candy store today… why? Because I’ve got a giant sleigh full of handmade, fairtrade, eco-friendly and limited edition treats to giveaway! The whole shebang is worth about $500 buckaroos, and it’ll be arriving on the doorstep of one lucky {KID} independent reader this December! Scroll down to enter…

Santa's handmade, fairtrade, eco-friendly and limited edition sleigh giveaway!

Congratulations to our winner, Kirra B.

CompetitionHow to enter… create your ultimate wishlist from our competition sponsors (see below for links to each store) and then share it with us in the comments section below. Your wishlist should include items from at least five different competition sponsors. A winner will be drawn on 8 December, 2011 with prizes sent out immediately (to arrive before Christmas). Open to Australia and New Zealand.

Bonus PrizeAre you super keen to win Santa’s Sleigh? You can score an extra entry into the prize draw by sharing this competition on your blog, twitter or facebook page. Please add the words “SHARED on Facebook” (or twitter, blog etc) to the end of your wishlist for one additional entry per shout out.

Santa's Sleigh Giveaway - Our Awesome Sponsors!

The Santa’s Sleigh Prize Pack includes…

Purely4Kids – Handmade Bloss Doll
Miss Haidee – Rose Tickling Frilled Playsuit
Pigeon Pudding – Two A4 Art Prints (Fun on the Farm + Music of the Circus)
Momiji – Party Girl Message Doll
Pickled Tink – Handmade Puppet with Special Surprise Outfit!
Pretty Pickings
– $50 voucher
Dreamy Princess Boutique – Annabelle Lace Skirt
Moo Woo Handmade – Little Odd Forest Handbag
Mickey House Kids – Manuella “Doggie” Bag, 2 Hair Ties and 1 Beanie
Little Monstas – Children at Play” Pinafore in Size 1
Ruffian Industries – Boy’s Two Tribes T-shirt (choice of size 2, 3/4 or 5/6)


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111 comments to Huge Christmas Giveaway, Win Santa’s Sleigh!

  • Totally my eco organic fairtrade DREAM Xmas hamper!

    1 :: Purely for kids – Cream Jersey Swing Top by Paper Wings
    2 :: Miss Haidee – Blue and white checkered pants from current range
    3 :: Pidgeon Pudding – Jumbo Jet Boy
    4 :: Momiji – Poppet doll
    5 :: Pickled Tink – 1st Prize Button Bunny Rabbit
    6 :: Pretty Pickings – Lightweight Navy/White Striped Overalls
    7 :: Dreamy Princess Boutique – Choco Dress
    8 :: Moo Woo Handmade – Crocodile Time 3D Watch
    9 :: Mickey House kids – AlloLugh Cowboy Hat
    10 ::Little Monstas – Daylight reversible dress
    11:: Ruffian Industries – R.O.B.O.T t-shirt

    Shared on Facebook!
    Shared on Twitter!

    Jen x

  • KateBannon

    It is all so delightful and gorgeously gob smacking!
    Moo Woo Handmade – Cupcake Watch
    Pigeon Pudding – Yellow Fairy wings
    Little Monstas – Blue Daisy Dress
    Pickled Tink – Oop the HuggyWug Sock Monster
    Pretty Pickings – Reversible Bird in Hand Dress
    Purely 4 Kids – Raff the Robot by Deluli
    Mickey House Kids – Peppa Pig Dress
    Miss Haidee – Vintage Autumn Dress 4-5 Years
    Dreamy Princess Boutique _- Cherry One Piece Swimmers
    What a wonderful christmas for one lucky household! Thank you.

  • Erica Sumners

    This could save me with all of my christmas shopping! I have two boys and six girls on the list this year!
    1/White Lace Smock Dress by Alex & Ant – Purely4Kids
    2/Spring Fling Totally Divine dress – Miss Haidee
    3/Once Upon a Time print – Pigeon Pudding
    4/The dancing girl mug – Momiji
    5/Sybil the Sock Sloth – Pickled Tink
    6/Retro Apple skirt – Pretty Pickings
    7/Chanel Swimmers – Dreamy Princess Boutique
    8/Morroccan leather Pouffe/ Dark Tan – Moo Woo handmade
    9/AlloLugh Red Summer pants – Mickey House Kids
    10/Paris With Love Pinafore – Little Monstas Clothing
    11/Navy Hello Monster T-Shirt – Ruffian Industries

  • 1. Purely 4 Kids – Felt Fuit & Veg Play Food, Nanny Kate Designs
    2. Miss Haidee – OMG this is AMAZING
    3. Pigeon Pudding – Ballerina
    4. Momiji – gigi doll
    5. Pickled Tink – Babushka Doll Pattern
    6. Pretty Pickings – Retro Apple Skirt
    7. Dreamy Princess Boutique – Dorothy Shoes
    8. Moo Woo Handmade – Forest Seedlings Tote – Vintage Royal Blooms
    9. Mickey Mouse Kids – Marese C’est Le Pompon Dress
    10. Little Monstas – “Children at Play” Pinafore
    11. Ruffian Industries – R.O.B.O.T t-shirt

    Shared on facebook!
    Shared on Twitter! 🙂 Got all my fingers and toes crossed now.

  • Emily Sherpa

    ok, here goes…will try not to make the list too long : )
    1. Little Monstas Clothing – Nuffing the Robot tshirt size 3
    2. Momiji – douce vintage doll
    3. Pigeon Pudding – Vespa Boy print
    4. Moo Woo handmade – Wooden Bulldozer Blocks
    5. Purely4kids – Surfboard Boy’s Shorts by Mumma’s Hugs
    6. Mickey House Kids – AlloLugh Mock Denim pants

    Shared on Facebook.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Tara Andersen

    1) Purely4Kids: Christmas Reindeer sock friend
    2) Miss Haidee: Frilled Shortie Shorts
    3) Pigeon Pudding: Vespa Girl
    4) Momiji: Pudding (occasion doll)
    5) Pickled Tink: Sybil the Sock Sloth
    6) Pretty Pickings: Lightweight Navy/White Striped Overalls Size 12-18mths
    7) Dreamy Princess Boutique: Flower Patch Dress (purple)
    8) Moo Woo Handmade: Ruffled Pants – size 1-2 Flowers and Hearts
    9) Mickey House Kids: AlloLugh Multi Colour top
    10) Little Monstas: “Gnome Village” Pinafore
    11) Ruffian Industries: (Not so) Scary Monster

  • Eva

    WOW, so many yummy things!!
    1) Purely4Kids: Dorothy Red Gingham Dress by Alex & Ant
    2) Miss Haidee: rose tickling frilled playsuit
    3) Pigeon Pudding: Girl with butterflies
    4) Momiji: bff Doll
    5) Pickled Tink: 1st Prize Button Bunny Rabbit
    6) Pretty Pickings: Vintage Bonnet Girl Dress Size 1
    7) Dreamy Princess Boutique: Vintage Rose Dress
    8) Moo Woo Handmade: Antique Silver Bird Silhouette Earrings by Oh Deer
    9) Mickey House Kids: AlloLugh Strawberry Story dress
    10) Little Monstas: Children at Play” Pinafore
    11) Ruffian Industries: (Can’t see any products?)

  • Maria

    Wow, I’d love this!

    1. Purely for Kids – Nelly Ocean girls Teal Skirt
    2. Pretty Pickings – Reversible Dress, Red Bird in Hand
    3. Dreamy Princess boutique – Julie Floral playsuit
    4. Moo Woo Handmade – Moobuu Dog Long Legs
    5. Mickey House Kids – Girls Dot Hair Flower
    6. Ruffian Industries – Stuff Plush Cow.

  • I am looking where to sign up for the sleigh of item give away.

    Please help me.

  • Hi Lyn, the Santa’s Sleigh competition has now finished. You can find current giveaways at

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