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Good morning! It’s another big fun Wednesday {fast becoming my favourite day of the week} and I’m most excited to share our designer of the week, the fabulous Miss Haidee! I met Haidee when KID independent was just a newborn and have been enchanted by her vintage style ever since.

Miss Haidee Handmade Children's Clothes, Vintage Fabric, Retro Style

The Product Review

The sweet little item that we’ll be reviewing today is the “Jemima” Dress. It’s made from Haidee’s personal collection of {100% cotton} vintage and retro fabrics and trims. Slipping this dress onto a little model {thank you Leah and Mum Bek, both borrowed for the morning and bribed with cookies}; the first thing that grabbed my attention was the sweetness of the crocheted doilies on the sleeves, followed closely by the richness of the flowering roses on the bodice. In fact, I was overcome by a wave of nostalgia for my childhood, and my Nana’s house. She was a lover of crochet, and her house was always filled with dainty tablecloths and trinkets placed carefully on hand-crocheted doilies.

The Jemima dress ties up nicely at the back into a bow which adds shape to the dress, and closes at the neck with a heart shaped button. Haidee designs all of her dresses to last several years, starting as a dress for a baby, then a tunic for a toddler and as a top with jeans or leggings for a 3 year old. This is a wonderful feature to have in a children’s item, not only for economical reasons, but also for your love of the item itself. The quality craftsmanship and fabric in this dress makes it perfect for keeping in the family as an heirloom or passing down to little sisters.

The Verdict… Nostalgic, Precious and Treasurable

The Indie Label

Miss Haidee started out in 2005 while Haidee was pregnant with her first beautiful child. She  had previously made adult’s clothing, but being pregnant inspired her to start a children’s label. She originally expected it to be more of a hobbie but her first collection and everything she made over the next two years was bought by the first shop to see it, and she has now been going strong for 6 years. Haidee decided to call her label “Miss Haidee” as an ode to her nickname, and enjoys the personal connection between herself and her product.

The Creative Mind

Haidee is Mum to 6 year old Millie and 5 year old Tom. She says… “They are wonderful children and it is a dream to be their mother. However, that may change in 5 mins…” When asked to describe her signature style, Haidee uses the term “Eclectic Vintage” which I think is perfectly apt.

“My signature vintage dresses are masterpieces and worth all the work that goes into them. In particular, the Jemima tunic is a more affordable piece that can be worn for several years. I love seeing Millie rocking hers with skinny jeans and boots. They also make a perfect baby present and I love, love, love making them. I can make them to order out of your family heirloom linen. I can also make dresses in all white or ivory for christenings, weddings and special occasions.”

If you take a peek inside Haidee’s sewing room, you’ll see baskets of doilies that she has collected for sleeves, and oodles of cottons, linens and vintage embroideries.

“I have no fear or mantra on combinations and am definitely not afraid of contrast. My mother cuts out the fabrics for me and she took one month to cut three tunics as she was so worried about getting it all perfect. The fun part happens when I have all of the main pieces together. I have a special vintage basket where I keep all the divine pieces and will cut them up as pockets or sleeves. It really is a lot of fun especially as each one is so unique and so special.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Haidee in her own words… “Let’s see, three interesting things about me? Well, I am currently making a giant turtle out of paper Mache with Millie’s prep class at Fahan school. I would like to breed chickens but don’t know if I could cope with a rooster. We already have 7 chickens and have poached eggs most mornings. And finally, I love collecting vintage fabrics, of course…!”

The Handmade Collection

Miss Haidee makes a range of tunics in sizes to suit babies + kids aged birth to 14 years, as well as sizes for adults. She does dresses in sizes 1 – 10 and baby rompers in eclectic patchwork vintage. Here’s an extra special look at her summer collection.

Miss Haidee Handmade Children's Clothes, Vintage Fabric, Retro Style

Miss Haidee Handmade Children's Clothes, Vintage Fabric, Retro Style

Miss Haidee Handmade Children's Clothes, Vintage Fabric, Retro Style

You can visit Miss Haidee at her website to view her full collection, shop online for something special, or visit her on facebook for all the latest news.

Photography by Kirsty Burns from Appleseed Photography

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