"I Really Like You, Baby" by ScribbleMonster

How’s your Monday chugging along? Glad to be nearing the end of it? Here’s a song to get you through your afternoon at work. It’s the new release single from “ScribbleMonster” called ” I Really Like You, Baby” and I’m digging it!

Listen to it here or buy it here.

I Really Like You, Baby by ScribbleMonster

ScribbleMonster is comprised of five veteran Chicago performers with well over 100 years of creating, teaching and performing music, comedy and theatre. Songwriter Jim describes the track…

“Most people probably write a new baby song when… I don’t know… when they have a new baby, maybe? I wrote mine after I dropped my oldest off at college. I thought to myself, “It seems like I just brought that kid home from the hospital.”  The memories still clear, this song presented itself as my outlet for dealing with my baby growing up.

Then came the thoughts of a concept album, “Yeah.  Parenting/childhood songs highlighting milestone moments book-ended between birth and college.”  Then reality, “You’ve already got three unfinished music products in the works.  Who you kidding?  You do not need another distraction.”  So, I decided, a single.  It’s currently a world of singles anyway, right?  Maybe I can come back to the idea before my youngest goes off to college.  With luck, the concept album will be back in its 1970’s glory by then…”


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