Designer of the Week - Sparrow Bee

Good morning friends! Today it’s my pleasure to introduce our Designer of the Week, Sparrow Bee! Since it’s officially November, I’ve been having a few chats with Santa to discuss gift ideas for the little folks in my life. Today’s review product is the Sparrow Bee Crayon Wallet, which is gift-giving goodness at it’s best.

Sparrow Bee Crayon Wallet

The Product Review

The Sparrow Bee Crayon Wallet is handmade from designer cotton fabrics, with styles suitable for boys and girls in every colour of the rainbow. Our test wallet features a lovely babushka doll pattern, with a pink and red polka dot lining which was very well received by the doll-loving little miss who assisted with today’s review.

There are five things that I love about this product. 1. It’s perfectly sized to fit in your handbag, or in your child’s backpack at 7 x 5 inches in size. Also, the crayons are positioned horizontally so they won’t fall out. 2. It’s easy to open and close via a velcro closure. 3. It provides instant entertainment on the go, with minimal fuss. 4. It’s machine washable! and 5. It’s so pretty, that our little tester decided to carry it around like a purse.

The Final Verdict… Well-designed, pretty and practical {and perfect for gift giving}

The Indie Label

Designer and Mum, Roseanne, launched Sparrow Bee 2 years ago in August 2009. Starting out with a friend at a few local markets, she has built the business into an online store, also wholesaling to suppliers throughout Australia. She chose the name ‘Sparrow Bee’ in honour of her children’s nicknames. ‘Sparrow’ which rhymes with Jarrah when said ‘Sparr-ah’ and ‘Bee’ which was the only part of ‘baby’ that 23mth old Jarrah could say when his baby sister was born {which incidentally stuck to this very day}.

The Creative Mind

Roseanne is Mum to two beautiful children; Jarrah who is almost 7 and Indi-Lea who is 5. They love to help Mum and often play market stalls {expecting real money in payment, of course}. The inspiration behind Sparrow Bee is partly driven by Roseanne’s desire to create something beautiful, but also by her desire to find a practical and fun way to entertain her kids.

“I needed something on hand to entertain the kids while we were out and didn’t take up a lot of room in my bag (we were finally past carrying a nappy bag everywhere). I saw similar products but nothing that quite ticked all the boxes, so after a few experiments I developed the design I sell today. I like to use bright and modern fabrics that appeal to children and adults alike and I’m often told one of my strengths is my taste in fabric and fabric combinations.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Roseanne in her own words… “I love photography {although I’m no professional}. I average about 500 photos a month and that’s without taking into account product photos. I’m so glad we’re in the digital age, imagine what I’d be spending on films! I also love homemaking, DIY, papercrafts, digital scrapbooking, stationery, interior decorating, craft and interior magazines, online shopping and the list goes on! Also, I’d love to be a colour consultant.”

The Handmade Collection

Roseanne creates her range of handmade delights in her little home studio in Canberra. Her Crayon Wallets are super popular, but she also makes a few other goodies such as organisers, bunting, stationery and homewares. You can view the full Sparrow Bee collection online, or visit Roseanne on facebook for all the latest news.

Sparrow Bee Crayon Wallet

Sparrow Bee Crayon Wallet

Sparrow Bee Crayon Wallet

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