Printable 2012 Calendar by Chibi Run!

Thank you so much, Indi, for letting me take on this super fun role as guest contributor for Kid Independent this Christmas! Today’s guest post involves a special end-of-year treat for everyone – a lovely 2012 Printable Calendar that is chock full of all things girly, vintage and cute!

A Free Printable 2012 Calendar from Chibi Run

I must confess, my life as a mum with 2 little girls is pretty full on and there are days that just seem to whizz by, don’t you agree?! There are lots of things that need to be done, day by day, week by week and sometimes, I just need to sit down and make sure I take time out to relax and chill… crafting is always good… and I love baking with the kids too.

As a mum and owner of Chibi Run, I am always on the lookout for beautiful design that is also useful for me and my family. When I see a lovely photo or a quote that just stands out, it does so much to inspire and rejuvenate my mind (which is sometimes sleep deprived from a teething toddler or from churning out meals day after day!). So I feel that it is most important to have little things around us that keep our life batteries charged!

A Free Printable 2012 Calendar from Chibi Run

I’ve designed this calendar to be super useful, interesting and pretty! I hope you like it. It has a series of vintage paper doll postcards, a little inspirational quote or two and two very yummy cake recipes that are a staple in my family. I’ve also included some pretty printable kitchen jar labels to help us stay organized too. The vintage paper dolls are dedicated to Indi, because I think she has a soft spot for dolls and softies as she always sends us these beautiful newsletters filled with the latest dolls and softies she’s discovered.

A Free Printable 2012 Calendar from Chibi Run

The calendar is designed to be printed on standard A4 sized paper/cardstock, so off you go!

Print away, clip it and put it somewhere important where it can be seen, while at the same time giving you happy thoughts every day of 2012!

Click here to download the full document in high resolution for printing!

Special thanks to the lovely Germaine from Chibi Run!

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