Designer of the Week - Hannah Banannas

Over the past year or so, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing several designs from the Hannah Banannas collection on {KID} independent. The range is designed and lovingly handmade by the very creative Lee-Anne, and today I have the opportunity to welcome her as our Designer of the Week!

Handmade Spotty Dress in Pink with White Polka Dots by Hannah Banannas

The Product Review

It’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with the bright colours and whimsical combinations that Lee-Anne uses in her collection. When a little package landed on my door step this week from Hannah Banannas, I opened it to find a pretty pink paper bag fastened with a beautiful sticker. Inside I discovered a charming spotty dress in “spring-in-your-step-and-a-twinkle-in-your-eye” pink with white polka dots.

There are three things that I love about this dress. Firstly, the flutter sleeves because they’re fabulously playful. Secondly, the fabric because I’m mad about polka dots and can’t get enough of them. Thirdly, the easy-fit silhouette because it’s perfect for twirling, prancing and skipping on a sunny summer afternoon.

The “spotty dress” is made from 100% cotton and is available in a range of colours including green, purple, yellow and navy with red ric-rac trim {see below}. It’s perfect for layering with your favourite tights and tees, and has plenty of room to grow.

The Verdict… Bubbly, Fashionable and Lively

The Indie Label

Lee-Anne launched Hannah Banannas in May 2010, but had been making clothing for herself since her teens. Over the years she spent many a day teaching her friends to sew, and making furnishings and clothing for her children’s rooms… all the while trying to decide what she wanted to be when she “grew up”! It was actually hearing Kochie {aka David Koch, finance journo} talking about how to turn a hobby into an earning adventure that set off a light bulb and inspired Lee-Anne to open her store. She named the business in honour of her daughter and mini-model, Hannah.

The Creative Mind

Lee-Anne is a WAHM of four. Her eldest son Zac has just finished his HSC and has been off enjoying his new found freedom {aka Schoolies}. Next in line is Jayden (8) who prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front of it, and rounding out the gang is Hannah and Jack (5) who will be starting school in the new year and love modelling clothes for Mum.

As you can see by the pictures in this post, Lee-Anne is inspired by vibrant colours, and spotty fabrics {we’re kindred spirits when it comes to dots}! She loves to create girly, sweet designs that are just a little bit twirly. Lee-Anne says… “I know from Hannah’s reaction if I’m on the right track with a new design. She heads straight for the fridge {her full length mirror} and twirls…  If she asks to keep it, I pop it on! Hannah has one of everything I make, scary but true!”

The Whimsical Spirit

Lee-Anne in her own words… “I am a digi scrapper {digital scrapbooker} and love to make story books for my kids. My Nanna taught me to knit, and I can make an OK scarf. My Grandma taught me to Crochet, and I now love making hats. I have since passed on these skills to my mum and my mother in law as well. My Mum taught me to sew on a sewing machine that was my Grandma’s, which had a knee treadle! All my kids are crafty, which I love to encourage. Lastly… I grew up in the 80’s. My favourite colour is purple. I’ve watched Dirty Dancing a thousand times and I love Def Leppard and Richard Marx.”

The Handmade Collection

In the Hannah Banannas store you’ll find a range of dresses, tops, skirts and hats for girls, and a selection of shorts, tops and hats for boys. Lee-Anne caters to kids aged 0 – 10 years, and loves to work with bright, playful fabrics. She offers free delivery on items purchased from her madeit store. You can also visit Hannah Banannas on facebook or view Lee-Anne’s blog for all the latest happenings.

Handmade Boys and Girls Clothing, Dresses, Shorts, Tops by Hannah Banannas

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