Music Review - Music in Motion by Groove Kid Nation

Awwww yeah, it’s time to get moving with Rodney Lee and his team of funky L.A. musicians. Music in Motion by Groove Kid Nation features a range of groovy soul tracks that’ll get your toes-a-tappin, your shoulders-a-shruggin and your booty-a-shakin.

Rodney Lee - Music in Motion by Groove Kid Nation

First up, meet the band… Thelonious on Piano, Humpty Dumpty on Bass, BoomKat on Drums, Melody on Guitar, Miles on Trumpet, Dinah on Saxophone, Slide on Trombone, Jasmine on Flute and The Soul Katz on Backing Vocals… these guys are about to take your kids on a music journey that will get them moving, while teaching them about musical notes and instruments at the same time.

Next up, slide on in to a few of our favourite tracks… well, I tried to choose just a few but as it turns out, this album is just one uplifting dance-inducing number after the next. If I had to narrow it down though I particularly enjoyed “Go Kat Go” in which Thelonious demonstrates the difference between high and low notes on the piano. ‘Fast and Slow’ is another interactive track that introduces Jasmine on flute.

I also loved the James-Brown-Esque sound of ‘Funky Chicken’, ‘4 Little Kittens’ and ‘Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose’ that starts off with the intro line… “All right kids, on this one, we just want you to dance… get your groove on!” – you don’t have to ask me twice!

Rodney Lee - Music in Motion by Groove Kid Nation

Groove Kid Nation is one of my favourite children’s music labels. Rodney Lee’s dedication to serving up real music, and teaching kids about musical concepts, instruments and movements is something I find personally inspiring. Lee poses the hypothesis…

“We can improve the way in which kids learn about music by introducing the real sounds of various instruments in the same way that we teach them about animals — simply by viewing and hearing the instruments over and over in a fun way.”

… it makes perfect sense to me!

You can listen to Music in Motion online at the Groove Kid Nation website where you will also find a range of videos, games, articles, free colouring book downloads, and even a “Buyer’s Guide to the Best Musical Instruments for Kids Under Age 5.”

Savings and SpecialsPurchase Music in Motion, or Wheels on the Bus {Groove Kid Nation’s first CD} before 31 December, 2011 and enter the coupon code “GKNholiday20” to receive 20% off the purchase price. We’re also pleased to see that 10% of the wholesale price will be donated to to help flight poverty. Click here to go shopping!

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