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Good morning friends! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and are now enjoying a peaceful break. In the {KID} household we’ve been enjoying a few tea parties with some of our new “dolly” friends. On the menu we have pretty and playful felty cupcakes from our designer of the week, Nanny Kate Design.

Handmade Felt Cupcakes by Nanny Kate Design

The Product Review

The delicious looking dessert you see above is a lavender iced chocolate felt play cupcake that is lovingly handmade by the talented Nanny Kate. The workmanship is quite exquisite and these cupcakes are a toy that will last through many a tea party, and even many a hand-me-down.

There are three things that I love about Nanny Kate’s felt food creations. Firstly, you can purchase a variety of ‘flavours’ individually and gradually build up your own little bakery. Secondly, the products are made from fabric and wool felt using chemical free dyes which make them safe and durable. Lastly, each one has delightful little details that make them perfect for even the fanciest of tea parties. That being said, at our Boxing Day tea party, the little lavender cupcake was served on a dainty saucer to Buzz Lightyear.

The Verdict... Pretty, Precious and Playful

The Indie Label

Nanny Kate was launched 2 years ago when designer Amanda’s daughter was 18 months old… “At the time, she was very interested in handbags and after looking around for something stylish and different for her to carry, I decided to make her something myself. From there, you just couldn’t stop me! I had so much fun creating fun and stylish things for little people, and it just keeps growing.”

Amanda based her business name on her nickname “Nanny Kate” which was given to her and is still used by her Auntie. Earlier this year she met another Amanda, from local business Purely4Kids, who is now the major online stockist of the range.

Purely4Kids was launched in May 2011 when friends Amanda and Kim were chatting about ways in which they could avoid the “daily grind” of hectic Sydney life and spend more time with their children. They set their sights on developing a store that was “purely for the kids” and their business, and their name, was born.

The Creative Mind

Amanda from Nanny Kate is the proud mum of Jack (7) and Olivia (3). She is a jewellery designer and gold and silversmith by trade, and you can see this amazing attention to detail translated into the Nanny Kate range. Amanda draws her inspiration from her great sense of fun and her love of colour and design. However, her main inspiration comes from her kids, and she says “They are so much fun and each and every day they do something to make me smile, which makes my job the best one in the world!”

Kim and Amanda from Purely4Kids have six kids between them, Kim’s boys are 9 and 12, and her daughter is 6. Amanda’s three boys are 22mths, 6 and 11. When choosing labels to add to their virtual shelves, they look for truly unique Australian designers that are passionate about their products… “We just love being able to help get their products out to a larger market.  There are some seriously talented Aussie mums out there”.

The Whimsical Spirit

One of our favourite parts about our designer of the week feature is finding out little tidbits about our creative friends…

Amanda from Nanny Kate… I love architecture, paper and plants… not very interesting, but that’s all I’ve got. (Note from the editor, we think that sounds very interesting indeed!)

Amanda from Purely4Kids… I spend far too much time taping trashy TV programs and then spending all hours of the night catching up on them – please tell me I’m not alone here. I also spend far too much time playing on Facebook and Twitter – can’t help myself. Lastly, I have a house full of UFO’s (unfinished objects).  Hmm, maybe if I spend less time catching up with my shocking TV habits and playing on Facebook I’d have more time to finish all my creative projects.

The Handmade Collection

In the Nanny Kate collection you’ll find a series of felt food creations including cupcakes and tea 4 two play sets. You’ll also find some delightful dollies, hair accessories, necklaces and baby bibs. The whole range is available for purchase online at Purely4Kids. Here’s a little peek…

Handmade Rag Doll by Nanny Kate Design

Handmade Felt Cupcakes by Nanny Kate Design

Handmade Rag Doll by Nanny Kate Design

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