Behind the Scenes with Megan from Robintail

Hi folks! It’s my pleasure today to take you on a little trip inside the creative mind of Megan from Robintail. We recently featured some of Megan’s handmade Christmas delights on {KID} independent in a moment of festive frivolity! Her style is sweet as can be with a hint of vintage and a lot of love!

Handmade Baby and Children's Clothing by Robintail

Robintail is…
An independent handmade business in Mareeba, Far North Queensland. I have always had a passion for design and clothing, so in 2011 I decided to use my love of fashion to do good! I create unique outfits for children aged between 0-4yrs. I originally started Robintail after having a lot of trouble finding quality baby’s wear in Mareeba’s limited stores. I don’t have children yet myself, but when a friend had her little girl, we wanted to find a really lovely outfit and couldn’t find a thing in the one or two stores in town.

The stores also tend to have a lot of things that just don’t suit our climate up here – for example, when we need summer wear still, the shops have brought in their winter wear, which is very frustrating and must be even more so for those who are unable to resort to making their own. Previously, I sold handmade bags and softies but once I began Robintail, I found the demand was huge and I haven’t really had time to fit in the other things!

Handmade Baby Romper Clothing by Robintail

Three things that are unique about my business are…
I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, so for one thing, quality control. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to finishes, and if it’s not that great, I won’t sell it. My Mum also checks out my products and makes sure they’re up to scratch – she taught me everything I know, and still makes sure I do my best! I also like to offer people something different, so tend to go in a different direction than everyone else, as I don’t feel there is any point in trying to recreate what’s already available.

Thirdly, practicality. I have spent time fitting and consulting with two lovely Mums to make sure Robintail not only looks great, but at the end of the day is wearable. A lot of children’s fashion looks so adorable, but in reality may not be the most comfortable or the most practical for the way kids get around.

Handmade Baby Romper and Children's Dress by Robintail

My design style is influenced by…
A lot of things. It would be kind of hard to pin point one area. Growing up, I always loved all the vintage, retro and olden day stuff – I still do, so sometimes I try to incorporate those influences into my outfits but in a modern way. I also draw inspiration from fashions I see, something that reminds me of an outfit I had as a child or something I wanted to wear but never had the chance. I also spend a fair bit of time with my friend’s two little girls, and they also inspire me. All other influence is pretty random – it can be anything from an old photograph to a gorgeous piece of fabric or a movie I just saw!

My favourite materials to work with are…
Oh cotton fabric! I think I’m addicted to it and have had to put myself on a fabric diet because of this – but only until I can make some more space or find an excuse that won’t tickle my conscience too much!

Handmade Baby Romper and Children's Dress by Robintail

The next handmade item I plan to make is…
The Robintail 2012 collection! I’m trying to get organized to do an early autumn going into winter range so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Three things that make my smile each day are…
My puppy-turned-dog Henry. My Dad – he’s always got some wacky joke to share! Our house cow, Possum (who has a suspected baby bump!)

If I could be a character in fiction, I would be…
Samantha Stephens from 60’s TV series Bewitched – she gets to wear all those gorgeous retro dresses, enjoy a curvy figure and being a witch definitely has its bonuses!

Handmade Children's Dress and Hair Accessories by Robintail

Three things most people don’t know about me are…
I love working with really loud music playing, I don’t own a mobile phone (really) and I’m a little scared of heights!

My biggest strength is…
Willingness to help where I can and give things a go – even if it freaks me out a little!

My secret talent is…
Drawing! I can draw pretty much anything and spent my entire childhood perfecting my artistic skills… I just haven’t found a really good use for it yet, other than pure enjoyment!

Thank you Megan, we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better.

If you’d like to view more of Megan’s work, drop by and say hello at Robintail.

Christmas photo at top of page by Charlee Photography

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