The Froggy Hop by The Chickadees + GIVEAWAY!

Today on the turntables we’re spinning the second album from children’s music quartet, The Chickadees! These guys have a Parent’s Choice Award under their belts, an environmental message in their hearts, and an Americana twang in their vocals… read on to learn more, and for your chance to snag a copy of the CD!

The Froggy Hop by The Chickadees

The Froggy Hop by The Chickadees aims to bring you educational and inspirational information and stories in a musical manner that transcends the normal boredom that kids associate with learning. For example, the first track on the album, “Tadpole Wiggle and the Froggy Hop” teaches you about the lifecycle of a frog. Whilst the last track on the album “Planet Protectors” educates kids about conserving energy and resources.

My favourite track on the album is “Hibernation”, which was a learning experience for me just as much as it was for the kids. For example, did you know that turtles, toads, frogs, possums and skunks all hibernate? It also has an awesome melody and sound.

The kids favourite song on the album is “Animal Babies” which is due in part to the fact that they’re animal mad, and in part to the lyric that says… “cubs are baby bears, fawns and does are baby deer… my little brother has a stinky rear” and has them in stitches every time I play it! My other top picks are “Noctural” and “Reduce, Recycle & Reuse” which has a lovely environmental message but is also wonderfully whimsical with it’s “1950s-TV-sitcom” intro. Classic!

You can view some videos, or purchase “The Froggy Hop” online at The Chickadees website.

Congratulations to our winner, Sarah A.


Would you like to win a copy of The Froggy Hop by The Chickadees for Christmas? To enter, simply tell us in the comments section below how your family reduces, recycles and reuses! A winner will be drawn on 15 December, 2011. You can also score extra entries into the draw for sharing this giveaway on facebook, twitter, or your blog!

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9 comments to The Froggy Hop by The Chickadees + GIVEAWAY!

  • Sarah Armstrong

    We buy unpackaged food where possible, we have our own vegie patch and 2 rain water tanks. All food scraps get fed to our chooks or put in our compost.

    We use bath water on the garden and turn lights off when not in use. If we no longer want something we pass it on to friends and family, or see if we can use it for something else.

  • sharyn h

    oh where to start – we grow a lot of our own vegies and some fruit, all food scraps go to compost, chickens or worm farm. we make majority of our food from scracth (ie. as little pre-made as possible) and buy most of our food from natural food store so less packaging as we get it out of the bulk bins there. i reuse anything and everything for my kids craft (ie. toilet rolls, reuse envelopes from my mail to draw on, cut up old clothes for material, get left over material scraps and wool etc from people who sew/knit). I get mostly hand me down clothes/second hand for my kids (they only get a few new items) and then i hand on my kids clothes to others that need them. I mainly buy wooden toys and/or good quality toys that are built to last so they dont end up in landfill. I also use natural cleaning products (ie. make own) and natural personal hygiene products. With the soaps i use i use the left over bits with water in a dispenser for washing hands in kitchen etc. i use cloth nappies, cloth wipes. we are also trying to reduce our consumption of items. i could go on with loads more but better stop here or i will take forever 🙂

  • jessica moore

    we recycle once a week we have containers for glass, tin, plastic, paper, cardboard, any thing that can not be recycled or reused goes into the compost, or rubbish bin.
    we reduce having chemicals in our house by using natural or bought products like lemons, vinegar and baking soda for cleaning and washing where possible. all the cloths we have out grown go into the cancer society clothing bins, or are cut up to be used as rags or material that we drop of to the local play center for arts/crafts. we do a few large loads of washing to reduce our water use rather then lots of small loads. we dispose of our lawn clippings in our compost rather then at the tip, and we walk as much as possible to reduce our carbon foot print. instead of getting plastic bags from the super market we take our own reusable ones, and we try to buy toys or products with the least packaging.

  • Natalie B

    I think the ladies above have covered everything! Go girls!

    We grow out own veges, use cloth wherever we can (nappies, hankies, for cleaning), take resuable bags shopping, buy in bulk (I can take my containers to our local whole foods store), avoid over-packaged items, and recycle the waste we do create.

  • Tish

    rather then wasting paper towel when i clean i cut up old clothes as rags or use old face clothes and use them as my cleaning clothes and just simply wash them

  • kerry santillo

    We all save water, except my son has an issue in the shower!!! If he is more than five minutes I turn the water OFF!! 😀

  • Anne

    we keep it simple, scaps to compost, paper and recyles to yellow bin, only rubbish in the green and freecycle eveything else someone can use to reduce landfill

  • Monica

    Only buy what we need to waste, grow our own veggies, recycle everything we can! Solar power and water is an ideal we’d like to have!

  • Jessie Boan

    I used to go through so many wipes or wet ones. Not only are they expensive, but wasteful. I now only use them when I am out and about, otherwise I have a tub filled with washers – enough that I never run out.

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