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If you’re an Aussie with kids aged 14 and under, chances are you’ve heard about Tony from Well Spotted. He’s a jovial sort of bloke with a penchant for tongue in cheek humour, and a well-developed appreciation for Pop Culture. He’s been “making your kids funnier” since 2003 and today we’re chuffed to welcome him as our Designer of the Week!

Well Spotted "happy go lucky" Kids T-shirt

The Product Review

This week we’ve taken the Well Spotted “happy go lucky” tee for a spin around the block {up and down a few slippery slides, in and out of a few cubby houses, rolling down a grassy knoll, climbing up a mango tree, napping on a sofa, wrestling with a big brother, and squashed in a pile of kindy kids… stacks on}!

The good news is that this tee holds up under pint-size pressure. The aqua is perfectly unisex and looks equally stylish on both boys and girls, and the “happy go lucky” slogan has a cheesy grin built in with every screen print. I love the fact that Tony prints all his own tees. I also love the fact that they are made from 100% cotton, and sewn right here in Oz. Last but not least, I dig the brown paper t-shirt packaging, which is perfect if you’ve bought one for a gift.

The Verdict… Cheerful, Carefree and Good-Humoured!

The Indie Label

Tony says… “Well Spotted started in 2002 as a menswear t-shirt brand when me & the mrs returned from a year in America. While in America I’d gotten used to not working for people anymore and wanted that to continue! After the addition of my son Finbar to our family, kid’s t-shirts seemed to be much more important”. Tony chose the name of the label to refer to the common phrase that we all say when we notice something unexpected.

The Creative Mind

Tony is Dad to 8 year old Finbar. When asked what inspires his designs, he replied…

“We live in a visually, very cluttered world and as a result I think it’s the simple things that people are starting to crave. Well Spotted takes the time to notice what makes your kids funnier and reflects that with short, sharp observations on a t-shirt. They get a smile wherever they are …and that can never be a bad thing. I have my t-shirts made right here in Sydney and I print them all myself. You won’t see them everywhere, I just can’t print that fast!”

“As a small person, I had no concept of what it was my father did at work everyday (still don’t) and now that I have a small person, I like him knowing what it is that I do. He sees me printing t-shirts, he knows people in the shops that I sell to & he is well acquainted with the post office in Summer Hill where we queue up to send out my orders! What I do is tangible to him, and he & his friends often come up with t-shirt ideas for me which is a nice added way to engage with my son”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Before we leave you today, I thought we’d finished up with three fun facts about Tony. 1. He won a honda XR75 minicycle from Sydney radio station 2SM when he was 14 years old. 2. His parents were living in Scotland when he was born. 3. He has an iTunes playlist of cover versions that goes for 2 days… I see a musical guest post in his future!

The Handmade Collection

Well Spotted caters to kids from 3-6mths to 14yrs with a few adult styles too. There’s a slogan tee to suit just about every kid’s personality, in a range of colours for both boys and girls. All of these styles are available online at Well Spotted. You can also visit Tony on facebook for all the latest news.

Kids Slogan T-shirts from Well Spotted

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