HIGH DIVE + Other Things That Could Have Happened

Happy Monday! I’m in the mood for some silly stories and tall tales, and I couldn’t think of a better man for the job than the great Bill Harley. His new album is called HIGH DIVE and Other Things That Could Have Happened and it’s filled with stories that are sure to give you a giggle or two.

The title track off Bill’s album is HIGH DIVE, which tells the story of a nine-year-old Bill at the community pool putting on his best “cool guy” moves… naming plummeting off the High Dive in order to impress his 17-year-old crush Kristi. It’s hormonal-hilarity.

The subtitle track is “Other Things That Could Happened”, which is one of my personal favourites, mainly because I’m a sucker for a chocolate cake and this is the first lyric… “I know you’re probably wondering, where’s that chocolate cake? The one with creamy icing, it took hours for you to bake. Well I did my best to save it when the circus came to town, but in just one bite that elephant, scarfed that whole thing down!”… you’ve gotta keep an eye out for the chocolate nabbing elephant, he gets around!

Bill Harley - HIGH DIVE and Other Things That Could Have Happened

Also on this release is the story of the “Field Trip”, in which Bill and his friend Glenn unleash their signature brand of mayhem. This is a wonderful story for quiet time, a car trip, or even at bedtime. It’s a little audio book that I found myself just as tuned into as the kids!

Rounding out the album is the story of the Monster Valentine. Cool idea?… or will it all end in tears?

Bill Harley is a man of many talents. His songwriting and story telling has won him many awards from Grammys to the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities Lifetime Achievement Award. However, what he most often wins is the laughs, smiles and gasps of children from around the globe.

You can find HIGH DIVE and Other Things That Could Have Happened online at Bill Harley’s website where you can also listen to some sample tracks. It will be available from 14 February 2012 if you would like to add it to your story time collection.

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