Grow a Secret Garden with Lotta!

I have two fun things to share with you today, firstly and introduction to Lotta Magazine and secondly a fabbo DIY project to try with the kids over the holidays. Lotta Magazine is a newly launched ad-free magazine for 5 – 10 year old kids that is filled to the brim with arts, crafts, activities, colouring pages and storytelling. Here’s one of our favourite activities from the debut issue, Grow a Secret Garden!

You can download the template here.

Grow a Secret Garden DIY Tutorial by Lotta Magazine

Grow a Secret Garden DIY Tutorial by Lotta Magazine

About Lotta Magazine

Lotta Magazine - The Story Issue

At Lotta Magazine, we are trying offer kids (and their parents) something different.

No ads. Lotta is ad-free because we believe that children should be children before they are consumers. We don’t want to sell plastic toys or processed food to your kids, just our ideas for fun and creative ways to while away the holidays. Our magazine is 100% fun, no filler.

Gender neutral. Lotta is not a boys magazine or a girls magazine, we are a kids magazine because we believe that all kids should have a variety of experiences, not just those that align with gender stereotypes.

We want to help you make school holidays less painful and banish the dreaded cry of ‘I’m booooored’  Our projects are designed to be accessible to everyone with very clear instructions and free downloadable templates that ensure your crafts will look just like the magazine (in spite of parental artistic abilities). Our holiday fun won’t break the bank — many of our ideas are free (if you have some basic supplies) and the most expensive is just $30.

The Story Issue is on sale now for $10 (plus $2.50 postage) through the Lotta Magazine website.

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