Happiness is a Hedgehog!

Here we are on another fabulous Saturday morning. I’m certainly ready to hit the weekend with a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step! I hope you all have something fun planned. To send you off with a smile, here’s a big friendly bunch of hedgehogs!

Handmade Hedgehog Toys, Softies, Jewellery, Shoes, Art

  1. Longsleeve Hedgehog Baby Shirt by Stoffenjunkie
  2. Hedgehog Wooden Push Toy by Imagination Kids
  3. Rebel Hedgehog (Neverland) Softie by LittleOddForest
  4. Mabel Hedgehog Lambswool Plush by Sara Carr
  5. Hedgehog Softie Tutorial by LollyChops
  6. Snacking Hedgehog Charm Cord Bracelet by Graphic Spaces
  7. Stacked Hedgehogs Notebook by Night Owl Paper Goods
  8. Hedgehog Pencil Holder by Koh-I-Noor
  9. Animal Print ‘Prickly, Bristly, and Full of Love’ by Cabbages & Kings
  10. Hedgehog Woodland Sweet Mary Janes by Em & Sprout

OH WAIT… I found one more. Isn’t this art print AWESOME?

Rainbow Hedgehog Art Print

  1. Hedgehog Goes Rainbow Print by Joanne Liu

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