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Good morning lovers of ‘tea party chic’, today is your lucky day. Our Designer of the Week is Kate from MISS KIKI of Cherry Blossom Lane and I’m honoured to review one of her lovely handmade dolls. She’s a one-of-a-kind, and is wearing a lovely rose coloured dress with spotty tights. Her name is “Miss Indi”… swoon!

Handmade Designer Dolls, Rag Dolls by MISS KIKI of Cherry Blossom Lane

The Product Review

There are so many different things that I love about shopping at handmade stores, especially when it comes to handmade dolls. The one I’d like to highlight today is detail.

It’s the little things that always make me smile, like the pink bows in Little Miss Indi’s hair, her delicate frilly lace skirt and the sweet hand embellished organza gift bag in which she travels. Her lovely outfit is suitable for the finest of soirees, and tucked in beside her when she arrived was a lovely sample of English Breakfast Tea.

The 2012 MISS KIKI girls are vanilla scented, are made from 100% cotton fabrics and are filled with super soft crest-a-lon fibre. Each Miss Kiki handmade doll is a one-of-a-kind, is quadruple stitched for safety, and comes with the “Kiki” trademark embroidered on her derriere. If you prefer, you can order a custom embroidery of your child’s name instead.

Since arriving on my doorstep this week, Little Miss Indi has spent all of her time in the company of a very happy little lady named Abebe. Four years old and new to Australia, Abebe is learning new English words everyday. This week, she’s added ‘pretty’, ‘dolly’ and ‘mine’ to her vocabulary.

The Verdict… Enchanting, Precious and Simply Delightful

The Indie Label

Kate launched her business, MISS KIKI of Cherry Blossom Lane, in early 2011. After 3 little boys, she experienced a new world of all things pink and girly when her daughter was born. She says “Back in January 2011, I was inspired to create a little vintage style doll for my baby girl that was both small enough for her to hold whilst also being safe enough for her to chew (as babies do). She needed to be pretty but practical. I literally read the booklet to the sewing machine sitting in its box for the past 3 months and set to work creating the little picture I had in mind. After a few friends saw it and encouraged me to create more, the ideas came and the business grew”.

In the past year Kate has created in excess of 600 dolls, designed collections for a boutique and a children’s fashion label and has partnered with charities to both raise funds and provide dolls for their causes.

The Creative Mind

Kate is Mum to 4 little blessings – 3 boys aged 9, 7 and 5 and a girl, who is almost 2. She is inspired by vintage styling, and each doll is one of a kind, just as each child is unique. All of the MISS KIKI handmade dolls are named after Kate’s children and their nicknames. Her business name is a combination of her daughter’s name, Nikia (Kiki for short) and a little joke she shares with her hubby, that she has always wanted to live on Cherry Blossom Lane. Of course, the boys aren’t forgotten… Kate also makes pirate dolls which have a certain quirkiness to them. As she says, “they’re true to the cheeky little men in my life”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Kate in her own words… “I love all things of a bygone era – Jane Austen, English historical novels and movies, Royal Albert China and classical music. I have coined a bit of a reputation for ‘Tea and Pearls’ and so have since set up a group as a off-spin to my brand, called the High Tea Society of Cherry Blossom Lane where our VIPs reside. We hold Society Engagements from time to time with special offers and custom placements, not offered in general.  I love to spend time with my family and our church, so life fairly well revolves around this. I love to cook with my kids and discover the beauty in their imagination as they explore this big world. That is where my heart and soul is. I love to study psychology and natural therapies for interest.”

The Handmade Collection

Kate has just released her 2012 collection of handmade dolls, all of whom you can view through her facebook page. Here’s a few of my favourites…

Handmade Designer Dolls, Rag Dolls by MISS KIKI of Cherry Blossom Lane

MISS KIKI of Cherry Blossom Lane proudly partners with several charity organisations including Yasminah’s Gift of Hope, Live Life for Lilah and Lilli’s Wish of Hope.

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  • Cristina

    HI! I like to know if you sell the dolls to Brasil and if you do please tell me the price i, ok? Ty very much

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