New Years Eve Party Animals!

Well folks, here we are on the very first day of 2012… Last year I was truly honoured to meet dozens of amazing artists, designers, mums, dads, kids, friends, and kindred spirits from around the globe and I’m looking forward to a HUGE 2012. If you’re a fabulous indie designer who I haven’t met yet, I invite you to get in touch. In the meantime… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year Party Animals - Softies, Handmade Toys

Happy New Year Party Animals - Softies, Handmade Toys

  1. Yali the Party Pig by RaPlaPla
  2. Party Cat Necklace by MiniFanFan
  3. Clara the Party Bear by Morico
  4. Party Deer by Oh Ma Felt
  5. Party Dog by Bunny With A Tool Belt
  6. Happy Little Dog with Red Hat by Dreaming Dogs
  7. Vintage Hand Painted Bear Teapot by BO
  8. Tea Party Collection of Art Prints by Leahmcr8

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