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Hooray! It’s Wednesday, and that means I have the pleasure of sharing a new Designer of the Week. Today I’ve invited Paisley from The Fairy Ring to share some of her lovely handcrafted toys. In front of the mini review panel today we have a handmade wooden vehicle set, and a jade green felt pony!

The Fairy Ring Handmade Wooden Toys, Cars, Trucks, Fire Engines
The Product Review

This morning I had breakfast with a magical pony and listened to a story about a fairy who rides said pony on enchanting adventures to far-away lands. As I type this post, there’s a shiny little wooden buggy speeding around my feet and a bright red fire engine squealing across the kitchen tiles…

The imaginative toys featured in today’s post are from The Fairy Ring; and they are fun for several reasons. I love the fact that the cars are made from renewable wood and are hand painted with natural paints. It gives them oodles of character, and if this mornings shenanigans are anything to go by also makes them hard-wearing (with bumps and scratches simply adding to their appeal).

The sweet felt pony you see below is available in a whole range of different colours and is made from 100% pure wool felt, hand cut, hand stuffed, hand sewn, and hand dyed…! Our little reviewer today (Miss 5) likes it because it’s the perfect size for her Strawberry Shortcake Doll. She has also been learning how to plait hair recently and her pony now looks like she’s ready for a horsey show.

The Verdict… Artistic, Imaginative and Full of Character

The Indie Label

Paisley has been designing and hand making toys for almost 20 years, mostly for her own kids and for birthday and Christmas gifts.  Over the years, Paisley’s friends started requesting toys for their kids and even started giving out her details to complete strangers who began calling to request Christmas gifts! In 2009 she decided to to launch her online store, The Fairy Ring.

Paisley chose her business name one night after reading The Faraway Tree to her kids.  One of the characters is caught in a Fairy Ring – a place inhabited by fairies, where magic happens… Paisley says, “I thought it was the perfect name for a store specialising in handmade toys designed to inspire the imagination.”

The Creative Mind

Paisley is Mum to three kids; Daughter 1 is now 18.  Daughter 2 is 10 and her boy is about to turn 8.  All of her kids are play testers for The Fairy Ring and also star as voice talent in story videos.  The latest is the story of the Gingerbread man, told with handmade felt toys.  You can watch it here.

Paisley has a fondness for toys that are simple and minimalist and let the child’s imagination fill in the blanks. She says, “I work with children and they will usually give me ideas on new toys to make.  I make a lot of custom toys and one off items, sometimes to replace a lost toy or create a character from a child’s favourite book.  The Fairy Ring’s motto is “Endless possibilities” so I try and live up to that by making anything and everything!”

The Whimsical Spirit

Paisley in her own words… “My kids go to the local Steiner School. I work (as a craft teacher) at the local Montessori school. In my downtime I enjoy welt felting, making playmats and wall hangings and collecting nature’s gifts from the beach or bush which I use in my craft lessons. The thing I love most about making toys is that I can grant wishes and make imagination reality.”

The Handmade Collection

The Fairy Ring’s felt toys are made using pure wool felt, 100% cotton and organic stuffing.  The felts are dyed by hand using non-toxic dyes or natural dyes from plants such as gum leaves, flowers, barks and seed pods. Fairy Ring wooden toys are made using plantation timber and finished in non-toxic stains and paints. You can view the full range online at The Fairy Ring.

The Fairy Ring Handmade Wooden Toys, Felt Toys, Softies

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