Heavenly Hue - Turquoise Tomfoolery!

I’ve always been a fan of blue, in all of it’s incarnations. However, one of my favourite bluey hues is turquoise! It’s unisex, it’s modern, and it plays nicely with so many other shades. Today’s feature theme was inspired by a little pair of turquoise felt shoes by Vinnova Lab that tickled my fancy recently. You can see them pictured here on the top left, aren’t they just the sweetest thing?

Turquoise Handmade Kids Theme - Clothing, Toys, Dolls, Shoes

  1. Nuno Felt Baby Shoes by Vinnova Lab
  2. Turquoise Applique Bambi Singlet by Bubby Makes Three
  3. Embroidered Giraffe Pillow by Kate Durkin
  4. Aqua Red Slouchies by The Raisen Did It
  5. Whale Baby Quilt and Cushion by Alphabet Monkey
  6. African American Handmade Rag Doll by Sugar and Spice
  7. Wee Elephant Pouch in Pink by Blueberry Bandit
  8. Handmade Owl Hair Clips by Madeleine Designs

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