Fresh Baked Friday - Hello Yellow, Black is Back!

Earlier this week, a little yellow fellow with big shiny black eyes and a tummy full of spots gave me smile. He lives in Lithuania with designer Gabriele, but he’s willing to travel. Anywhere in the world! He joins us today with a bunch of his yellow and black friends. Some are bumble bees, some are penguins, and some are just adding a splash of colour to their ebony threads.

A Black and Yellow Handmade Theme - Toys, Ties, Art, Beanies!

  1. The Purl BeeĀ Penguin Tutorial by Molly’s Sketchbook
  2. Rainy Day Girl with Yellow Umbrella Print by Majali
  3. Bumble Bee Baby Cap Black and Yellow Stripes by Saidonia Baby Knits
  4. Present Art Print by Blanca Gomez
  5. Yellow Polka Dotted Pocket Bear by A Home For A Bear
  6. Mr. Bloom in Love by Andrew Bannecker
  7. LOVE Typewriter Art Print by Vol25
  8. Father and Son Necktie Set by Apple & Ivy
  9. Yellow + Black Little Girl Bracelet by Missy Daisy Chains
  10. Handmade Rag Dolls by LanaPelana

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1 comment to Fresh Baked Friday – Hello Yellow, Black is Back!

  • Thank you so much! I’ve been working on another piece of artwork using dark grays with yellow… and this was just the inspiration I needed to get back to it! šŸ™‚

    Jess VOL25

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