Designer of the Week - A Little Bit Craftsie?

If you have a penchant for pretty things and love nothing more than adding a few delicious accessories to your collection, then today’s Designer of the Week is just for you. This week has a fabulously fruity theme as we review a couple of cute hair clip sets from A Little Bit Craftsie?

A Little Bit Craftsie? Handmade Hair Clips, Accessories

The Product Review

What do we have here? Well, it’s a couple of Wild Strawberries and Delicious Red Apple Hair Clips! Each set is made with durable polka dotty (yippee, I love polka dots!) metal clips with hand crocheted strawberries and apples. I must say that this is a case where the finished product is even more adorable in the hand, than it is in the photo. When these arrived in a little package earlier this week they were snapped from my grasp by little miss 3 and 6 faster than I could say “apple sauce”.

What else do I love about these clips? The red and white polka dots and fruity design gives them a hint of rockabilly flavour; and I would describe the use of crochet as simply charming. The minute that I clipped these little lovelies into a shock of curly blonde hair I immediately understood the name “A Little Bit Craftsie?“… sure is!

The Verdict… Charming, Whimsical and Delicious!

The Indie Label

Designer, crafter, and Mum, Courtney, has been making hair accessories since her daughter was little (around 10 years) but decided to launch her label A Little Bit Craftsie? after discovering a bunch of adorable embellishments that were just too good to keep to herself. She chose her business name as a question to the Mums of the world… do you like craftsie things?

The Creative Mind

Courtney is mum to a gorgeous girl of 10.5 yrs, and three cheeky boys, 9, 6, and 3. She finds the inspiration for her designs in beautiful colours, and loves to make things that look so good you might be tempted to check if they are edible!

Courtney describes her design process… “I basically think of the kinds of the things I would like to see for hair clips. I try hard to find things that are creative and unique. If I can’t find it I contact other crafters and see if they can make it for me. I would love to be able to make all my own embellishments, but I have 4 kids and work part time and just don’t have the time. As I am passionate about supporting the handmade community, I wanted to make sure that the majority of my embellishments come from other crafters.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Courtney (in her own words)…

  1. I work as a school teacher at a Special Needs school in western Sydney.
  2. I love to cook and I write a blog about my cooking and craftsie interests.
  3. I would love to one day go on a food safari all over the world and make a documentary about it.

The Handmade Collection

In store at A Little Bit Craftsie? you’ll find all sorts of whimsical hair clips including rainbows, toffee apples, daisies, mushrooms and even gnomes!

A Little Bit Craftsie? Handmade Hair Clips, Accessories

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1 comment to Designer of the Week – A Little Bit Craftsie?

  • these clips are just divine!
    my little girl is 9 months old and i’d never really thought about hair clips until just before Christmas when I decided that i wanted some clips for her hair.
    i spent quite a while searching online for something handmade and extra cute and i didn’t come up with much, i ended up going to the local hairdressers and picking up some cute bows.
    anyway i’m off to check out Courtney’s website.
    jen x

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