Creative Cravings... Falling for Autumn

Good morning folks, tomorrow is the first day of Autumn here in Australia and this morning there is the teeniest hint of a chill in the air. I love strolling the neighbourhood around this time of year and taking in the glow of the sunset and watching the leaves transition from vibrant green to amber and plum. Hence today’s creative inspiration…

Autumn Fall Handmade Toys, Jewellery, Art, Ceramics

  1. Leaf Garland Headband by Giddy Up and Grow
  2. Eva Natural Baby Shoes by LaLa Shoes
  3. Chartreuse Green Leaves Ceramic Dishes by Hope Johnson
  4. Autumn Leaves Cookies by Sugarbelle
  5. Autumn Leaves Art by Geninne’s Art Blog
  6. Green Leaf Earrings by Beauty Spot
  7. Light Fluro Green Leaf Earrings by Mary Grace
  8. Leaf Owl Pillow by Yunapyon


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