Fresh Baked Friday - Eye Patches are COOL!

The lovely daughter of one of my close friends has being seeing an eye specialist recently and has been instructed to wear an eye patch to heal her eye. She is most unimpressed with this situation, so this post is especially for little Miss Mia… because… EYE PATCHES ARE COOL!

Pink, Princess, Pirates, Eye Patches, Softies, Toys, Dolls

  1. Badd Octo Softie by Lucky Invader
  2. Pirate Wheat Heat Pack by Choochie Bubble
  3. Pirate Face Cookies by Sugarbelle
  4. Blythe with Eye Patch by Hugzombie
  5. Canela Photo Print by Camamiel
  6. Pirate Girl Wooden Blocks by Stack Blocks
  7. The Pirate Girl Print by The Black Apple
  8. Princess Eye Patch by Hello My Name is Heather

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