A tale of intrigue and suspenders...

In recent months, I’ve developed a little soft spot for suspenders. There’s something so whimsical about them, whether they are paired with a bow tie in a geek chic ensemble, sprinkled with sparkle in a jazz inspired number, matched with a pair of rolled cuff jeans in “Ponyboy” greaser style, or worn with a flat cap and a pair of trousers in little man vintage style. Versatile. Stylish. FUN!

Kids Suspenders, Braces, Bow Ties

  1. Polka Dot Adjustable Bow Tie and Suspender Set by JB Kids
  2. Sterling Suspender/Bow Tie Set by Bebecha
  3. Little Girl Sparkle Suspenders by Petite Peanut
  4. Custom Suspenders for Boys by The Tattoo’d Tyke
  5. Travel Stripe Suspenders from Kawaii Kids
  6. Bow Tie and Suspenders Applique Template by AngelLea Designs
  7. Boy with Suspenders Pocket Dolly by Charlotte and Stewart
  8. Kids Suspenders Tutorial by Running with Scissors

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