Monster Suit - An Awesome Album by Mo Phillips

Hey folks! I’m continuing on my “Kids Music Weekend” with a super fun CD from Mo Phillips called Monster Suit. I’m seriously digging Mo’s voice and rocking beats, and in fact my hips starting wiggling and my feet started shuffling within the first couple bars of track one… love it!

Mo Phillips Monster Suit

The title track on Monster Suit has my favourite lyric of the whole album in it… “I can do a funky dance, yeah I can do a funky dance. You give me half a chance, I’ll dance right out of these pants”. And we did my friend… we danced, and danced and danced.

Mo Phillips Monster Suit

Mo’s style is a mashup of rock n roll, soul, blues and a hint of country. I must say that this time around I found it hard to pick just a couple of favourites as I really enjoyed the whole album. However, if I must, I’d tag songs such as The Worst Party Ever Thrown for its amusing lyrics, Big Red Truck for its twanging guitars, Rollerskate Banana Peel for its energy and All Okay for its cuteness. I also like Bed Head as it’s a very familiar tale in this household!

Mo Phillips Monster Suit

Mo Phillips is based in Portland, Oregon but his wife Kate is an Aussie who grew up on the Gold Coast in Queensland. They moved with their 2 y.o. son Henry to Brisbane in 2005 to be close to Kate’s family and had a second son, Owen in September 2006. Mo’s years down under had an important impact on his work.

As he says, “In about May of 2007 I was in the midst of some really fantastic times as a stay-at-home dad when I had a discussion with a mom at a co-op about Fire Guitars. This mom kinda changed my life with one very obvious suggestion:  why not make a class based on making a band? I then started to devise how the class would work over the course of 8 to 10 weeks and where it would be offered and then tried to solicit it to local preschools. The name Rock ‘N’ Roll Kindy comes out of these Aussie roots, as ‘Kindy’ is what they call preschool Down Unda. No one picked it up, but I was convinced it would work. And after we moved back to the States in January 2008, it did!”

Monster Suit by Mo Phillips will be released on 10 April; put it in your diaries folks! You’ll be able to find it online at,, and itunes.

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