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Hello friends! Aren’t you glad it’s Friday? I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. I have the pleasure today of rounding out the week by reviewing a lovely collection of hair accessories from Melbourne handmade label Peppermint Parade.

Peppermint Parade Handmade Hair Clips, Headbands, Accessories

The Product Review

Those of you who drop by KID independent regularly might know that I’m a sucker for spots! I love them in all their forms, and think they add a touch of fun to any outfit.  This Scarlett headband from Peppermint Parade is no exception. It’s 17mm wide and is covered with lovely 100% cotton fabric. In the set you’ll find matching Scarlett Bow Clips, which I also love, or if red is not  your thing, choose from olive or pink instead!

The Scarlett range was one of the first Peppermint Parade collections and still one of their most popular prints to date. These days you’ll find Peppermint Parade headbands in all sorts of fabrics from florals and stripes, to lovely denim.

The Verdict… Simple, Modern and Fun!

The Indie Label

Peppermint Parade was launched in Melbourne 2 years ago by designer and Mum of two, Kylie, who shares her own mother’s flair for clothing design and dressmaking. Her father and grandfather were furniture upholsterers, and sewing and textiles is well and truly in her blood. Surrounded by creativity, she grew up with a love for making things with her own hands and sewing became her favourite hobby.

Kylie explains, “When our daughter started school 3 years ago wearing one of her Mummy’s headbands, there indeed was all the inspiration I needed to build my small business. Headbands and bows for neat school hair were near impossible to find in her school’s colours  {purple and yellow…. mmm???} so with some passion, persistence and a little sewing prowess, I formed the beginnings of the Peppermint Parade range”.

The earliest School Range catered to a number of local schools, and was sold in a scattering of local shops.  Soon it expanded to include a coordinated range of hair accessories for all occasions.  Beautiful fabrics and trims were showcased on headbands and fabric bows.  Felt flowers made an introduction, hand stitched to snap clips or mounted on to headbands, beautifully embellished with running stitch detail, covered buttons or simple sparkles.

The Creative Mind

Kylie is Mum to 7 year old Felicity who has just started her second year at school, and Fergus, 3 1/2 who has just started kindergarten…. “We are focused on raising strong, adaptable and independent children and wish for them to be considerate of others and the world around them. My business allows me to be at home for Felicity and Fergus, to be a homemaker for my family, and to build a small business from my favourite creative pursuit”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Kylie (in her own words)…

  1. In 1986 I spent 2 years with my family on a business venture to England.  As a 17 year old I returned to Australia to complete final year VCE though without having done Year 11.  Amazingly I scraped through with a pass, and went on to University to graduate with a Social Sciences degree.  I didn’t specialise my formal education until 10 years later when I undertook a writing degree at the same university just before the birth of our first child.
  2. My husband and I took a whirlwind trip to Paris last year in celebration of my 40th  birthday.  Needless to say, I fell in love with my first taste of the magical city of lights, and we plan a return in the (very) near future.  I truly look forward to sharing Paris with our children when they’re a little older.
  3. My favourite local getaway is camping in a remote place, reading and relaxing on a blanket in the sun, and listening to water flow over river rocks. As night creeps in, how delightful is sitting around a mesmerising campfire gazing at stars and trying to fathom how far away they are? All of this, in fabulous company of good friends, sharing exquisite red wine and rich deep dark chocolate…

The Handmade Collection

Peppermint Parade accessories are designed and crafted in Australia from selected fabrics, French trims, classic buttons, beads and simple sparkles. There are five collections to choose from, with a range of headbands, bow clips, flowers and bracelets.

Peppermint Parade Handmade Hair Clips, Headbands, Accessories

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