Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dia dhuit, Conás átá tú! It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I simply couldn’t let this awesome opportunity to flaunt my affection for all things green to pass me by! So today I present a green theme especially for the stylish little guys in your life. It started off all cute and cuddly with the lambswool doggy by Sally Nencini, but then the Mohawks, Sea Monsters and Robots look over!

A green theme for kids... handmade toys, clothing, shoes, hoodies

  1. Lambswool Dog by Sally Nencini
  2. Star Wars CHEWBACCA print by Spark Designs
  3. Grinchy Green Monster Slippers by Baby Cricket
  4. Dino Hoodie by Paul & Paula
  5. Little Dude High Top Sneakers from Kawaii Kids
  6. Mr Green Monster Tee by Swearhouse
  7. Mohawk Octopus Plushie by Jayne Danger
  8. Lois Box Art Robot Print by John W Golden

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