Instrumental Dreamland by Putumayo Kids

I love to blast upbeat music from the speakers of a Saturday afternoon (well, just about anytime really) and get the kids dancing, singing and expressing themselves. However, I equally like to use music as a calming device and I’m always on the look out for chilled out albums for quiet time… enter Instrumental Dreamland by Putumayo Kids.

Putumayo Kids - Instrumental Dreamland

Instrumental Dreamland features 11 soothing songs from various artists across the globe. You’ll recognise beautiful renditions of songs such as “What a Wonderful World”, “Brahms’ Lullaby” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” as well as a few lesser known songs such asĀ  “Bressay Lullaby”, and “O Filho Que Eu Quero Ter” from Brazil, which I adore.

This album will definitely be added to my regular rotation. In fact, I’m feeling calmer and more relaxed right now after listening to it this morning while I hugged my morning coffee. Perhaps I’ll add it to my work day rotation!

You can purchase a copy of Instrumental Dreamland at Putumayo Kids.

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