Music Review - La Bella Stella by Recess Music

On 27 March 2012, the folks at Recess Music released a brand new CD called La Bella Stella in celebrations of Earth Day 2012. The album teaches kids about galaxies, solar systems, and other wonders of our universe. It’s a compilation CD featuring upbeat, intergalactic tracks from 15 awesome children’s artists.

La Bella Stella by Recess Music

So, we know that the album has a message, but what does it sound like? Well, I’m glad you asked! La Bella Stella takes you on a journey that starts with a story about the sounds that we hear in nature, takes a chilled-out look at the dark night sky (with a decidedly old school melody), and marvels at shooting stars.

Tracks like “Galaxy Song”, one of my favourites, takes a look at earth’s position in the galaxy. Then it’s time to take a folksy look at the “Man in the Moon”, and the folks from Rocknoceros share a little ode to “Pluto”, the forgotten planet. You can listen to this track through the player above.

All in all, the album is fun for kids and would be especially appreciated by those with “outta space” imaginations. It’s playful, easy listening and educational.

You can purchase a copy of the CD online at Recess Music.

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