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Good morning folks. Here we are smack bang in the middle of the working week, which means it’s time to take a break from the daily grind to indulge yourself in some lovely handmade goodness from our Designer of the Week! Today we welcome the lovely Angela from Oh! Veronica.

Oh! Veronica handmade children's clothing, dresses, tops

The Product Review

In review today we have a beautiful handmade Shiralee dress, featuring a light floral cotton fabric and a playful sloping yoke neckline. There’s lots to love about this little number, but it was the charming fabric that first grabbed my attention. I love Angela’s use of florals, blended with the sweetness of Broderie Anglaise. This dress is finished with a grosgrain ribbon tie which pulls the whole look together.

Another key aspect that I love about the Shiralee dress is that it’s made to grow with your child. This dress is a size 3/4 which fits a 2 year old as a long dress, and up to a 5 year old as a tunic or top. The elastic shirring will expand to fit around the bodice, and there are no zips or buttons which make it easy for kids to dress themselves.

The Verdict… charming, eye-catching and completely loveable

The Indie Label

Angela has always loved to sew, and Oh! Veronica is an outlet for her busy mind (outside of looking after her kids).  Being a lover of old fashioned things, Angela began sewing vintage inspired clothing for her son which she couldn’t find anywhere at the time. Recently she began focusing her creative mind on girls dresses, which took over from her previous vintage pattern reproduction hobby.  Angela says, “I’m big on girls wearing age appropriate clothing in this adult style saturated market that’s targeting younger and younger age groups”.

Veronica is Angela’s middle name, and was her great Busha’s (Polish Grandma’s) name and her mum’s middle name… hence her business name, Oh! Veronica.

The Creative Mind

Angela is a Mum to a gorgeous boy aged 5 and dear girl aged 2. In describing the creativity that inspires her daily life, Angela says, “I value good old fashioned imaginative play, old story books and cooking from scratch.  Brands and corporations dictate way too much to our kids these days about how they feel about themselves and others and what things they should value. So in our family, we focus on activities, toys and experiences away from these influences”.

In describing the creativity that inspires her design style, Angela says, “When I began focusing on the girls dresses, it took me a while to realise that I was always drawn to the rose and shabby fabrics that I grew up around at my lovely Busha’s house.  I see acres of shabby rose Axminster carpets, bordered pink rose Parisienne wallpaper and my Royal Albert King’s Ransom rose spray tea cups in each dress I make. I hope that these dresses take you and your girl to some special place in your imagination as they do me.  As one little girl was noted saying by her mum, these dresses make her want to go and pick flowers in the garden…“.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Angela (in her own words)…

1. I was the Motorsport Coordinator for Mitsubishi’s Ralliart Performance Arm before being a mum.  We were involved in the Australian Rally Championship and several smaller motorsport races with some fantastic drivers and teams.  As an avid car enthusiast, I’ve built 3 engines that were designed for turbo charged application in my / my husband’s car’s and a friend’s car.  The Nissan RB30T 3.0L 6 cylinder I build for our Skyline made 600HP at the wheels.  This was all before I discovered house renovations, gardening and children which are all much more personally rewarding!

2. I’m part of a small group of dedicated volunteers who have been revegetating the natural river course of the Sturt River at Marion for 20 years.  I joined 4 years ago as this is such a priceless piece of natural open space that is the last remaining natural river course on the Adelaide Plains.  Walking through here is like looking back in a time before European settlement.

3. I’m a walking dictionary on nonfiction useless trivia and facts! I have a book about everything on my bookshelf. Want to know how to make up a 1970’s DDT spray for children’s dandruff,  amazing engineering facts of the 20th century, forensic anthropology or all the verses of the Man from Snowy River?  I have a book about that!

The Handmade Collection

The Oh! Veronica collection includes a range of girls dresses and tops in sizes 1 to 10 years. Angela uses a selection of designer cotton fabrics sourced from mostly the USA and Japan and premium cambric laces.  Each dress is meticulously handmade on her 1956 Necchi Supernova sewing machine – which was her gorgeous Mother In Law’s 18th birthday present, handed down to her 10 years ago… lovely!

You can shop for Oh! Veronica clothing online, or visit Angela’s facebook page for all the latest news.

Oh! Veronica handmade children's clothing, dresses, tops

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