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Hello friends! It’s hump day (that term always make me a giggle like a 5-year-old) and as always I’m here to make your Wednesday a little bit more fun with a brand new Designer of the Week. Today we welcome the very talented Lisa from Pigeon Pudding.

Pigeon Pudding Children's Art and Handmade Dolls

The Product Review

For today’s review I had two little helpers, both of whom are mad about dolls and mad about pink. First up, we review Lisa’s “Music of the Circus” art print. The kids were most impressed by the clown riding along the tightrope on his unicycle, I was most impressed by the beautiful colours and the vintage appeal of the musical notes, which bring the picture to life. There’s something very nostalgic about sheet music, and this print has a certain charm that draws you in and kick starts your imagination. I adore art that tells a story.

The Verdict… whimsical, charming and nostalgic

Next up, we review a handcrafted Bali Doll [cue little helpers erupting into squeals]. These dolls are handcrafted in Bali by the Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak (YKPA) foundation. This non-profit organisation and registered orphanage provides much needed care, shelter and education to neglected and abused Bali street kids. YKPA employ locals and street kids to make handicrafts such as the dolls, as a source of generating income for the foundation. The money helps provide basic clothing, food and medical supplies to the orphanage.

Bali dolls are made with cotton thread and cloth and are even more beautiful in person than in these photos. They stand approx. 25cm tall and are available as a mermaid, or a girl or boy with brown or white skin. Our review dolly features lovely chocolate brown skin and hair in strands of pink and purple. She is extra special as she (and all of the other Bali Dolls) is a OOAK. I would suggest that her best feature (echoing the behaviour of two little 5 year old girls) is her hair. It’ll provide oodles of styling fun!

There’s three things to love about this doll, firstly the cuteness of the design, secondly the skill of the crafting, and thirdly the good feeling that comes from helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged kids in Indonesia.

The Verdict… sweet, special, and culturally enriching

The Indie Label

Pigeon Pudding is a Melbourne based company that began in early 2008 when Lisa (from Australia) and Elisabetta (from Italy) started a business focusing on artworks for little people. Lisa says, “I was in Australia and pregnant at the time expecting my third child and was craving a taste for something new, other than nurturing my children.”

“I had previously discovered a gap in the market when I had trouble finding unique artwork for my older children’s bedrooms. I decided to commission Elisabetta, my wonderfully creative sister-in-law who lives in Italy to create some amazing artwork. Together we come up with the subject matter, they are painted in Italy, sent to me in Australia and I have them printed and framed in Melbourne.”

The name Pigeon Pudding is a reference to a term Lisa’s mum used to refer to cute children, “little pigeons”. It stuck with Lisa, who found herself using the term as well. When it came time to think of a business name, Lisa wanted something that had meaning to her personally and would also be appealing to her customers… and Pigeon Pudding was born!

The Creative Mind

Lisa is Mum to three gorgeous and active children; Jasper is 7.5yrs, Charlotte is 5.5yrs and Matteo is 3.5 yrs. She describes the Pigeon Pudding design style as “contemporary with a quirky message, while still being sweet and whimsical.” The collection is about celebrating the magic of childhood fantasies, inspiring your imagination and making you smile. The pieces are designed to capture the hearts and minds of both children and grownups, and are designed to grow alongside the child as a precious keepsake.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s a couple of fascinating facts about Lisa (in her own words)…

1. My husband and I love to travel and immerse ourselves in different cultures and foods.  It is important for us that our children are also exposed to this.  In fact, 2 years ago we spent 4 months travelling in Italy, Greece and Sth France with our three little children.  Travel highlights include: Italy, the ancient town of Luca, A farm stay in Siena, Hiking in the Italian Alps of Cremeno. In France, St Tropez; and in Greece, Spetses Island.

2. Through Pigeon Pudding I’ve been fortunate to meet a couple of remarkable people dedicated to helping homeless children.  I have made it a priority of Pigeon Pudding to support the work they do through our ‘Working Friendships’ arrangement and selling the Bali Handmade Dolls.

YKPA Foundation:

While holidaying in Bali my daughter and I spotted a colourful collection of dolls. Attracted by their quirky appeal, we learned the dolls were made on behalf of the YKPA foundation to help Bali street kids. Knowing there was a good cause behind the dolls made them even more irresistible, we simply had to have one.

But my interest in the dolls didn’t stop there. I was so intrigued by them that I had to meet with the founder of YKPA, a remarkable woman named Putu Etiartini. Visiting the orphanage with my family and meeting with Putu, I saw first hand the good work the foundation is doing to help the street children of Bali.

The YKPA organisation is committed to providing shelter, healthcare and education to disadvantaged children left to fend for themselves. I knew I wanted to support this very worthy cause and contribute to improving the lives of the Bali street children.

Selling the dolls provides an opportunity for me to give back to this community, especially one in such desperate need as the YKPA organisation.

The Handmade Collection

Pigeon Pudding creates a selection of children’s art and limited edition prints which are hand numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. You can find the full collection as well as the handcrafted Bali Dolls and gift cards at various retailers across Victoria. They are also available for purchase online.

Pigeon Pudding Children's Art and Handmade Dolls

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  • Sophie

    Wow – these are the most wonderful and individual additions to a child’s room and a perfect gift for a special occasion – my daughter just loves her print.

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