Music Review - Radio Jungle by The Pop Ups

Hi folks! I’m totally digging this super awesome new CD from Brooklyn, NY band The Pop Ups. Right from the get-go this album jumps out of the gate with a rich, indie beat and catchy lyrics that will get you dancing and singing along like you’ve known these songs for a lifetime…

Radio Jungle by The Pop Ups

The first track on the album, which is also one of my favourites is called “Connect The Stars” and celebrates childhood imaginations and the magic of constellations. Track two takes you smoothly into a Reggae-esque styles song called “The Bat”.

Other hits include “Box of Crayons”, listen to this one during colouring time. I also love “Math Rock” for it’s cool drumbeat and sneaky learning. “Best Fruit” is rad because it makes me chuckle, and “Feelings Change” has a very amusing theatrical quality… “Elephant” rocks for it’s fun lyrics… gosh, I don’t think there’s a single track on this album that I don’t adore.

You can snag a copy at iTunes from 3 April, or at your favourite retailer.

We dig it! It’s at the top of our CD rotation (repeat.. repeat.. repeat)

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