Designer of the Week - Sheeps Clothing

Good morning friends, I’m a little bit excited today to introduce Sheeps Clothing as our Designer of the Week as I absolutely love winter and I wake up every morning hoping that the air will have just a little bit more chill in it! Especially with all the rain we’ve been having around here lately. Hot chocolate, here I come!

Sheeps Clothing handmade pure wool fingerless mitts, gloves

The Product Review

In front of the review panel this week we have a pair of fingerless mitts from the winter 2012 collection by Sheeps Clothing. The pair that we reviewed are made in a lovely dusty blue, but they are available in a range of colours including green, pink and winter white and in two sizes (small 1- 4 years and Large 6+).

First and foremost, what I love about these mitts is that they are handcrafted from 100% pure wool. Stacey from Sheeps Clothing is a knitting master and all of her creations have a certain “cosy-afternoons-with-a-cup-of-cocoa-and-a-good-book” appeal to them. These cuties are not only perfect for warming up little hands on chilly days, the fact that they are fingerless means that they won’t interfere with play like their traditional full-fingered brothers. They also accessorise well with matching scarves and beanies.

The Verdict… Cosy, Practical and Comforting

The Indie Label

The brains behind Sheeps Clothing, Stacey, was inspired to start her label when her boys were babies (now aged 9 and 11) and she had trouble finding high quality, stylish knits that were made from pure wool. Stacey says, “Sure there was some nice looking stuff out there, but some nasty acrylic fabrics. No way was I putting man made fibres on their tiny little heads!”

Stacey comes from a long line of knitters and decided to experiment with a few different styles and types of beanies and scarves. After receiving all sorts of lovely comments on her creations, Stacey was convinced that she was on to something and with much encouragement from family and friends Sheeps Clothing was born in 2007.

The Creative Mind

Stacey was inspired to create her fingerless mitts after spending many cold winter mornings last year watching her sons’ play football.  She wore gloves a few times but was constantly taking them off to do up bootlaces, rifle through their sports bags to look for lost mouthguards and chop up oranges.  She made herself a pair of fingerless mitts and never looked back!

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Stacey (in her own words)…

  1. Even though I knit for hours each week I still love it and have to knit every day.
  2. I often take my knitting to the cinema and can knit in the dark.
  3. When not knitting, I love to cook and read.

The Handmade Collection

Sheeps Clothing uses the finest quality pure Australian wool and vintage buttons to create gloves, hats, scarves and hair accessories for children and adults alike. The winter 2012 collection is available online through Sheeps Clothing, and you can follow Stacey on Facebook for a first look at her new releases.

Sheeps Clothing handmade pure wool gloves, scarves, beanies

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