Creative Cravings... The Space Odyssey

Happy Monday! Today’s creative cravings are inspired by astronauts and their outer space vehicles. To take you on this Space Odyssey, I’ve decided to recruit the assistance of They Might Be Giants. Here I sit, feeling low, wishing I had anywhere to go. Want to go for a ride, for a ride inside a rocket ship! Here I go, I make the rocket ship go. Goin’ slow, I make the rocket ship go…

Rockets, Spaceships, Astronauts, UFO, Nasa

  1. Explore the Universe Poster via Baubauhaus
  2. Blue Space Rocket Bunny Softie by Love From Annie
  3. Astronaut Boy Navy Canvas Belt by Bubbledog
  4. Astronaut Art Print for Boys by Kindy Garden
  5. Outer Space Wall Stickers by Bright Star Kids
  6. Retro Astronaut Onesie by ChiTownBoutique
  7. Cowlan Art Print by Mister Mista
  8. Rocketship Sandwich Tutorial via The Etsy Blog

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