FlashIssue makes light work of the news

It’s not everyday that I write about technology on {KID} independent, but this week I met the folks from FlashIssue and was impressed by their new concept in newsletter design. So today thought I’d share some info for my fellow bloggers, designers and retailers. You can sign up for a free trial through the FlashIssue website.

Here’s the low down… FlashIssue lets you easily add articles from your blog, other blogs, websites, and even product listings from your online store or Etsy store into a simple newsletter layout.

The interface is drag and drop, and the process shaves tons of time off the manual process of coordinating, linking and designing a mail out. In fact, “cutting through the mess” with a simple solution for sharing your message was the driving force behind the FlashIssue software development.

You can watch a demo in the video above.

If you’d like to try FlashIssue yourself, you can sign up online.

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