Music Review - I Am Happy by Sukey Molloy

On April 17, independent NY musician Sukey Molloy will release her brand new CD,”I Am Happy”. Sukey’s style is bubbly and fun, with a positive and interactive attitude that encourages participation from little ones and gets kids moving. It’s perfect for families who love a traditional approach to playtime, with a “playschool-esque” appeal.

I Am Happy by Sukey Molloy

I listened to I Am Happy a couple of times with a group of under fours over the Easter weekend, and we joined Sukey in the “Put my scarf on my head” game, went for a “Ride on a ferry”, got a giggle out of “My head goes round” and “I’m a baby hippo”, and got mobile with the “Action Chant”.

The thing that I like about Sukey’s style is how it gets kids engaged, listening closely to the lyrics so they can follow along with the actions. This is an album that is best suited to toddlers and pre-school aged kids, and in fact, I’ve passed it on to a kindy teach friend of mine who would like to use it for some morning playtime activities.

I Am Happy is co-produced with Grammy-winner Larry Alexander, who has worked with names such as Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Bon Jovi and David Bowie. Sukey herself is an accomplished performer, racking up a range of awards from NAPPA honours, Preferred Choice, and a Moms’ Choice Gold Award.

You’ll find I Am Happy and Sukey Molloy’s other albums online at her website, or through iTunes.

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