KinderAngst releases debut single "Rat"

Hey folks, I’m here to brighten up your afternoon with a kindy rock anthem about a New York City subway station, a beady-eyed-rodent and… a new family pet! The song, aptly named “Rat”, is the debut single from “KinderAngst“. It celebrates individuality and pet care responsibility, set to a rockin’ Shangri-Las style beat.

KinderAngst releases debut single "Rat"

KinderAngst’s upcoming album is set in the imaginative world of Alphabet City, a reference to New York City’s Lower East Side…

“With a tough-but-sweet attitude and tons of musical homages from The Ramones to The Shangri-Las, and David Bowie; the cast of vivid KinderAngst characters help kids deal with the growing pains and challenges of childhood, whether it’s not fitting in, friendship trouble, parental disciplines or struggles with independence.”

Track three even features the one and only Debbie Harry… Sweet!

The complete CD will be released on 5 June, 2012.

To listen to more album samples, visit the KinderAngst website.

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