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Good morning my fashion loving friends! It’s time for our Designer of the Week review, and today I’m chuffed to welcome the creative mind behind handmade kids’ label marissa v. Today’s fabbo outfit is a Horse Brass Baby Tee and matching Downtown Aladdin Pants.

marissa v handmade baby and children's clothing

The Product Review

I’ll kick off this review by saying that I just love the style of Marissa’s Aladdin pants and in fact wish I had the confidence and the hips to pull off a pair myself! Luckily for me, I’m equally as happy to see the wrapped around the wiggly little butt of an active two year old instead.

The Downtown Aladdin Pants are a unisex style and one of marissa v.’s top selling products. They come in a range of different colours, including the grey marl picture above. They are made from super soft and ultra comfy lightweight bamboo/organic cotton and have a stretch mix trim so they go on easy, and stay in place around little ankles. These pants are perfect for toddlers who are still wearing nappies, as they have amble bubble butt room. Once you’re done with the nappy phase, they fall into a funky urban style somewhat reminiscent of MC Hammer, but waaaaaaay cuter.

The Horse Brass Baby Tee features a unisex lap-shoulder and is printed on an American Apparel top made in Los Angeles and printed using phthalate-free water-based ink. The image is of three horse brasses – the metal decorations traditionally used on horses’ harnesses and saddles in the United Kingdom. It is perfectly suited to the Downtown Aladdin Pants, and also goes well with jeans and high-tops!

The Verdict… Urban, Funky and Super Cool

The Indie Label

Marissa, the designer behind her namesake label, marissa v., is originally from California, but started the label in London in 2005 when she decided to transform her hobby into a business opportunity.  She initially started selling her women’s  apparel online and to stores in the UK, Spain & Italy.  Since then, she has had 2 little girls (aged 2 and 4), moved back to the US, and added a baby range! She reorganised her business modelling (now making all of her own garments) and in 2008, created her Etsy shop.

The Creative Mind

Marissa creates simple, modern styled garments with a hint of casual Californian flair. She transforms modernist trends in womenswear, into wearable, stylish garments for kids. For example, the the super popular Downtown Aladdin Pants were inspired by the drop-crotch adult fashion trend (which is conveniently suitable for nappies!)

Most of the marissa v. garments are unisex, with a mix of greys and bright colours reminiscent of Scandinavian styling. The screenprints are taken from designs and architectural details that Marissa found in rural England, and fell in love with during a 6 year stint in the UK.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fascinating facts about Marissa (in her own words)…

  1. I spent last year in an isolated, beautiful area of Washington state where my husband did a wooden boat building course.
  2. Marissa v. received international press when I made the “I’m not a smug twat” bag as a joke to poke fun of the it-bag frenzy over the “I’m not a plastic bag”.  There were numerous press mentions, TV coverage, – it was even in a book.
  3. At university, I majored in Russian and French and spent half of 1995 in Moscow.

The Handmade Collection

Marissa v. creates modern clothing for women, children & babies. The current collection includes a bunch of trans-seasonal pieces including tops, pants, hoodies and cardis. You can view the marissa v. range on Etsy, or visit the Facebook page for all the latest info.

marissa v handmade baby and children's clothing

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