Creative Cravings - The Itty Bitty Bunny

He might be very small. That’s right, he ain’t too tall. But don’t confuse him with an ant, he hops, he doesn’t crawl. He’s quirky and he’s cute; he wears a furry suit. But we can’t wait, all day I say, it’s time for him to scoot. It’s Easter don’t you know; around the world he’ll go! Delivering his chocolate eggs, through sun, and rain and snow!

Handmade Miniature Rabbits, Bunnies, Toys, Dolls

A dozen miniature bunnies…

  1. Tiny Bunny Doll by Mijbil Creatures
  2. Babushka Bunny Pattern by Gingermelon
  3. Mini Artist Bunny by Plushyk
  4. Sleepy Cashmere Rabbit by Needle Book
  5. Easter Bunny Plush by Knitting Dreams
  6. Miniature Bunny Pull Toy by Miniature Arts
  7. Needle Felted Bunny Tutorial by Morning Glory Workshop
  8. Black Retro Bunny by VioletPie
  9. Matchbox Bunny by Atelier Pompadour
  10. Crocheted Bunny Brooch by Farberova Olga
  11. Mini Spring Bunnies by Royal Mint
  12. Needle Felted Funny Bunny by Egyptian Cat

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