Fresh Baked Friday... Got Specs?

Hooray for Fridays! Please, please, please Mother Nature, bring us a weekend filled with bright sunshine, chirping birdies, lush green grass, a crisp Autumn morning, a cool afternoon breeze, and beautiful amber sunset. That’s not too much to ask, right!? I hope this collection of spectacled cuties will give you a Friday morning grin.

Handmad Toys, Softies, Plush with Glasses, Spectacles

  1. Working Boy Retro Badger Plush by One Little Red Fox
  2. Memory Owl Plush by Jelly Toast
  3. Wendy Softie by Winnifreds Daughter
  4. Curious Plush Rabbit Toy by Nonsense Institute
  5. Nerdy Bird with Bowtie by Bumperfriend
  6. Gretchen Embroidered Doll by Lilysol Creations
  7. Mum and Kiddo Softies by Bambaks
  8. Red-Caped Beatnik Rabbit by Cat Rabbit


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