A Little Love by Renee & Jeremy

There’s a few things in this life that make me especially happy. Family, of course, animals, so cuddly, and music, so joyful! This morning I embarrassed my neighbours by loudly playing the new album from Renee & Jeremy and singing along as loud as my lungs would permit. You see, it’s an album of classic cover versions, and it’s just darn fun.

A Little Love by Renee & Jeremy

A Little Love is not only fun for parents, it’s a great way to educate your kids about some classic bands such as a R.E.M and Coldplay. Throw in some Chili Peppers, Lennon, and Supertramp and you’ve got yourself a party! Below is a gorgeous animated video set to Renee & Jeremy’s version of Coldplay’s Yellow, which is a little piece of whimsy!

You can listen to samples of all the songs, or purchase the album, online at Renee & Jeremy.

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