GIVEAWAY - C Percy Designs Winter 2012

Winter has finally arrived and C Percy Designs is very proud to release their girls Winter range, which co-ordinates beautifully with this season colours and styles. C Percy Designs has been making boutique beanies since 2009.  Christine, the creative hands and pattern designer behind C Percy Designs, loves the meditative state that crocheting brings and the fact that she can tap into her creative side while
making stylish children’s outerwear.

C Percy Designs hand crocheted beanies, scarves, children's knits

Christine was taught to crochet by her mother when she was 6 years old.  This tradition of teaching crochet to the next generation can be traced back to Ireland in the heyday of Queen Victoria and the boom, in what is now known as traditional Irish crochet. Inspiration for her beanie designs come from many places but primarily from her children, in particular her daughter. Her latest collection has been inspired by a small collection of vintage doilies and black and white photos of 1930s and 40s crocheted outerwear.

C Percy Designs hand crocheted beanies, scarves, children's knits

C Percy Designs hand crocheted beanies, scarves, children's knits

Congratulations to our winner, Maggie W.

Competition - Giveaway - WinTo enter this week’s giveaway, simply visit C Percy Designs and tell us in the comment section below which style you would choose and what colour you would like to see it made in.  The Winner will receive a custom made child size Slouchy and Cowl from C Percy Designs 2012 Doily Range in their choice of colour.  The winner will be drawn on 7 June, 2012.  Australian entries only.

Bonus PrizeAre you super keen to win our C Percy Designs prize? You can score an extra entry into the prize draw by sharing this competition on your blog, twitter or facebook page. Please leave a separate comment for each so your extra entries can be counted.

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41 comments to GIVEAWAY – C Percy Designs Winter 2012

  • Tanya

    My daughter would love the ashleigh beanie in pink for the cold morning walks to preschool 🙂

  • susan mcinerney

    My little one would look adorable in the slouchy. Perfect for morning playground adventures. In a charcoal grey or a green.

  • We have a couple of C Percy Designs beanies and we just love them. I would love to add a red Georgia Slouchy to my daughters’ collection.

  • Di

    Slouchy, two toned in my favourite colours a deep purple and teal.


    Cocoon Set, in aqua.

  • I love the Ashleigh Beanie’s!!
    My favourite slouchy and cowl is the white one from the Doily Range 🙂

  • Julie Krause

    Ashleigh Beanie’s are just sooooooooooooo COOL.

  • Andrew

    The baby 3-6 months striped beanie in teal,red & white would be perfect for our newest family member.

  • Angela Grant

    The Ella Beanie is what I like,
    Made in green and white,
    this would be a delight
    and such an extremely beautiful sight.

  • I’m loving the Alexis Rainbow Beanie, as is, in the rainbow stripes 🙂

  • Brooke C

    The beanie that i would choose is the Classic Chunky Beanie, made in a olive or lime green colour!

  • I would love to add a slouchy and scarf in white, to my daughters wardrobe collection, Christine does the most amazing work:) xx

  • Love the – Doily Range: Slouchy and Cowl
    especially in that latte colour!
    Christine is very cleaver indeed. Only wished I learnt to knit from mum….

  • I’d love the adult size Annabelle in teal and white as I’m too busy making for the kids to make something nice just for me

  • jane gardam

    Ashleigh Beanie with doily scarf in pink would be lovely for my daughter…gosh I wish I could knit or crochet for that matter???

  • Erica Sumners

    The Georgia range is super stylin'(love the red!)! I actually have a thing for mustard yellow and I think it would look perfect in the Georgia design.

  • Erica Sumners

    @NoSleep4Bandito Tweeted the giveaway 🙂

  • Kirra

    Oh, such a hard choice. Will stick with simple and say the Slouchy & Cowl .. and perhaps in a grey, or, for Madamsky, a pink .. perhaps a dusty dusky one? Divine. As are your models! And the photography.

  • Michelle T

    The Alexis Rainbow beanie is our favourite, in cream with pink and purple stripes.

  • cathy mac

    I really love the brown slouchy and cowl – perfect colour for this time of year!
    PS Still loving the Barbie dress we got from you at the Billycart MArkets 🙂

  • cathy mac

    Shared to twitter 🙂

  • Virginia Mason

    Would love the Ashleigh Beanie with doily scarf made in bright red and white to keep my daughter warm this winter – it would also be a great colour so I can spot my daughter when we are out and about too.

  • Virginia Mason

    I have shared this giveaway on twitter too.

  • Alison

    Love the Alexis Rainbow beanie in the rainbow colors shown.

  • Dana Dyer

    I’d love to see the ‘read all about it’ cap made in purple!

  • Helen

    We love the striped beanie – in exactly the colours that are shown on the webpage – red, pink and white. I would love one for my two year old daughter who has just acquired a baby sister. Her little sister has received some beautiful crocheted hats and blankets from some crafty aunties and Miss Z would be very excited to have one too 🙂

  • Millie

    The Ashleigh Beanie with Doily Scarf in baby pink would be my pick

  • Kath

    What a gorgeous range – totally love it!

    I’d like to give my wee angel a Paige Beanie in ruby red with a cream and pink flower.

  • Grant

    How precious is the Cocoon Set?! With a bundle of joy arriving soon, i’d choose that set in the nice natural colour it is pictured in on the website.

  • Eddie

    The Baby Bear Beanie with earflaps in cream please!

  • Teneille

    Have just found you recently thru Missy melly & placed my first order with you,my miss 5 cannot wait to receive her goodies,I’d love the chance to win another slouchy set in a charcoal/green or purple 🙂

  • Amy

    Too sweet all of them – I think I’d have to go with a pink Slouchy for my 4yo daughter, she would ADORE it!!

  • Billyjean

    Love these, I wish I could crochet!

    My gorgeous girl would look stunning in the slouchy style beanie, maybe in a green or red to brighten a cold winter’s day. Divine!

  • Maggie

    Perhaps the most beautiful beanie collection I have seen for little people.

    Annie would look lovely in the bear beanie with ear flaps in cream. It would keep her toastie and warm when we return to Tasmania to visit her family.

  • Maggie

    Also posted on Facebook

  • Cathy

    While crochet is from yesteryear,
    Today it’s an art we hold dear.
    Gorgeous Doily Range Slouchy/Beanie in pink
    Would make Miss Five’s drab winter wardrobe MAGNIFIQUE!

  • Karlene

    The Bear Ear Beanie – in the same pastel blue as the c percy designs web site. Adorable!

  • Renee Ballantyne

    Style: Bear Ear Beanie
    Colour: Blue

  • Hannelie

    Ashleigh Beanie with doily scarf in pink … will fit with all her clothes 😉

  • Katie

    Ashleigh Beanie in Pink is beautiful!

  • Sarah Doss

    Doily Range: Cowl Grey

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