Cheeky Britches... For the love of pants!

I’ve fallen in love with a pair of itty bitty Samurai Pants from Melbourne-based kids’ label Cheeky Britches. You can see them below, dancing their way around the hips of a little lovely model, paired with Cheeky Britches tank top. They are available in Lavender, Bimbo/Coral (as pictured), and Mushroom. Sizes are available for 0 – 2 years… Comfy, cute, creative and quirky!

Cheeky Britches Japanese Baby Clothes, Onesies, Samurai Pants

Cheeky Britches is the creative brainchild of Giorgia Goddard and Lucy Scott, friends, mothers and entrepreneurs. Their collection is made from natural and organic fibres, in modern, gelato-esque tones that mix-and-match effortlessly. You can visit their website to find out more, or shop online at Etsy.

Cheeky Britches Japanese Baby Clothes, Onesies, Samurai Pants

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  • WOW! Thanks so much for the review. We are super excited to hear your feedback, especially with it being so positive. Thank you!! – Cheeky Britches

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