Crayons in a Box - Steve Elci and Friends

Last week, Steve Elci and Friends released their new CD, Crayons in a Box, and this week I’ve been sharing the laid back beats and inspirational stories with friends and family, both small and tall! The title track is really something special… in fact, it made the finals of the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest!

Crayons in a Box - Steve Elci and Friends

Steve Elci and Friends have a sound that is a little bit folksy, a little bit bluesy, and a little bit rock n roll. This is an album that is filled with catchy hooks and stealthy educational tid-bits which (pardon the cliche) “make learning fun!”…

My top picks off this album include “Zoo” for its storytelling quality; “Earth Day” for its nature-loving theme; “Supergirl” which celebrates gender equality; and “Movies With Our Mind” because reading is rad!

You can listen to a stream of the whole album online at Steve Elci and Friends, or purchase a digital copy at iTunes.

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