Doing Time with Plaitsy Cline

Happy Monday everyone. Today’s friendly family of fabulous dolls all have one thing in common… They all have a crush on Justin Beiber? … Noooo, that’s not right! They all have a rockin’ set of plaits! And indeed, they prefer something a little more edgy than the beebs… Enjoy!

Handmade Dolls, Braids, Plaits

  1. Cherry Bomb Cloth Art Doll by Greeni Marie
  2. Miss Ysabelle Handmade Doll by Bubbabows
  3. Sienna the Mermaid by Little Lee
  4. Handmade Duffy Doll by Warm Sugar
  5. Handmade Abbey Doll by Ruby & Belle
  6. Ruby Handmade Doll by Made By Maisie
  7. Princess Leila Ragdoll by Oonaloo
  8. Amanda Handmade Studio Doll by Viola Studio

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