Creative Cravings... Mitten-gating Circumstances

Hey-ho! My fingers have started get a bit too frosty in the mornings now that we’re so close to winter, and as such, I was inspired to pick out a few pairs of mittens (and fingerless gloves) for today’s Creative Cravings. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I must admit, those googly-eyed pandas on the top right are pretty darned adorable… Keep’ it cosy!

Children's and Women's Handmade Mittens and Gloves

  1. Panda Mittens by Hot Scones
  2. Frog Mittens by Snow Day Artist
  3. Sleepy Owl Fingerless Gloves by Cheekychumy
  4. Fox Handwarmers by Warm Yourself
  5. Dinosaur Mittens by Scunjeebabe
  6. Chocolate & Orange Merino Mittens by Chloe & Ivy
  7. Rainbow Fingerless Gloves by Petra Fanella
  8. Children’s Fingerless Mitts by Sheeps Clothing
  9. Kitten Mittens by Woolflower Boutique
  10. Toddler Mittens by Rainbow Mittens
  11. Hello Kitty Wrist Warmers by Ilutegija Designs
  12. Purple Fingerless Mittens by Ferby’s Corner Knits


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