Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution

Hey folks! I hope you had a fun long weekend! We’re back on board this morning with a fun giveaway and a first look at the new music release from our friends Mista Cookie Jar & The Chocolate Chips. Their album, which drops today, is called Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution, and when it comes to kid’s music, it doesn’t get much more funky than this.

Mister Cookie Jar and The Chocolate Chips

Before I launch into my usual diatribe of all the songs that I love off this album (of which there are many), I thought I’d stop for a minute and share what happened when I first played it to a bunch of 6 – 9 year olds. If you can imagine throwing a box full of high bouncing balls off a balcony into a backyard full of puppies… that’s akin to the fervent (I should I say furr-vent, to further extend my puppy analogy… *zing*!) excitement and craziness that ensued.

Mista Cookie Jar & The Cookie Chips have this old school hip hop sound, with a cheerful inner child chant. In fact, the song of the same name “Inner Child Rock” is my personal favourite and truly sets the tone for the album.

Other tracks I dig include “Lover Not a Fighter” for its Jackson Five vibe, “Magic Shoes” and “Ur the Music” for their sweet story lines, and title track “Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution” for it’s reggae-esque beats.

The song that I’ve decided to share with you today is called “Happy Place” and is the 1st official music video release off Mista Cookie Jar’s 2nd LP, Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution. It was filmed in Santa Monica and Venice, California, and was inspired by… “our regular dinner-party-jam-sessions with some of our closest friends and family”.

You can find purchase info for Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution online at Mister Cookie Jar’s website.

Congratulations to our winners;
Anna-Banana, Jamie, Christian, and Dylan

Competition - Giveaway - WinHow would you like to score yourself a copy of Mista Cookie Jar & The Cookie Chips new album? We have four copies to giveaway! To enter, just tell us in the comments section below what the words “Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution” mean to you. Four winners will be drawn on 15 May 2012. Open worldwide.

Bonus PrizeAre you super keen to win a copy of Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution? You can score an extra entry into the prize draw by sharing this competition on your blog, twitter or facebook page. Please leave a separate comment for each so your extra entries can be counted.


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18 comments to Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution!

  • A. White

    It means letting loose with your friends, and opening your heart to new experiences!

  • Anna-Banana

    I think it’s about the connection that happens between people all around the world when they hear music that inspires them.

  • Christian

    Getting funky with some happnin toons!

  • Carmen

    I think it means lots of people getting together and enjoying some great music

  • It means something really sweet and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

  • Dylan

    Clearly its about love, and music, and smiles, and happiness, and dancing, and bonding, and laughing, and sharing, and…. you know, other stuff.

  • Jamie

    It’s what you do on Saturday nights after a few too many “Parent Juices”.

  • Megsy-Boo

    It’s 1,000,000,000,000 people all around the world pressing play on their boom boxes and feeling the lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve.

  • Rebekah_H

    I think it explains how you will feel after listening to the MCJATCC record.

  • Kirra

    Super-connected, harmonious, simultaneous LOVE! 🙂

  • Jenni-Mae

    The words Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution mean to me: Beening drawn together as one to bring about change through LOVE!!

  • Jenni-Mae

    Whoops- just have to correct my spelling from previous comment!!
    The words Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution mean to me: Being drawn together as one to bring about change through LOVE!!

  • katie

    what a fabulous phrase… i think it sounds like a worldwide force bringing together good feelings and great vibes! 🙂 (although i do have to admit that jamie’s comment above made me giggle!!)

  • Sarah

    It’s where being kindness and graciousness become like a contageous disease that spreads throughout the world.

  • Mary Preston

    It’s not just love that makes he world go round, but music too.

  • sam

    my kids like going crazy on adventures

  • Saima

    Revolution to bring the whole world together with an incredible attraction of just one feeling… ‘L-O-V-E’ …. That what it means to me !

  • Kika

    It doesn’t get better than this!

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