Buy it, or DIY it? Tick, Tock...

Happy Monday my craft loving friends! It’s time to get your creative juices flowing with some super fun projects to create or covet.  Whether you prefer to buy it, or diy it, these little lovelies are sure to bring out your inner designer. I quite adore the DIY crocheted clock in the second row, it’s kitsch-tastic! Now, if only I knew how to crochet…

Handmade DIY Clock Craft Projects, Crochet, Paper Plate, Upcycled

DIY – Homemade Upcycled Book Clock on Jill Beth
BUY – ViewMaster Clock by bRAINBOW
DIY – Crochet O’clock! by According to Matt
BUY – Limited Edition Honeysuckle Pink Lady Clock by Kit-Cat
DIY – DIY Asterisk Clock for Under $10 at Curbly
BUY – Night Owl Bamboo Wall Clock by Graphic Spaces
DIY – Paper Plate Clock In 5 Minutes by Creative Jewish Mom
BUY – Sleeping Fox Wall Clock by Little Muse

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